Kazinda Trial Flops, Court Summons Luzira Doctor

Former Principal Accountant in the OPM Geoffrey Kazinda

Geoffrey Kazinda Is said to be stressed with a 'soft neck'
Geoffrey Kazinda Is said to be stressed with a ‘soft neck’

The trial of Geoffrey Kazinda, the embattled Principal accountant in the office of the Prime Minister that was slated to begin on Monday flopped after he failed to show up.

According to Luzira Prison authorities, Kazinda was stressed with a ‘soft neck’, a weakness that could not allow him to appear. Kazinda is on remand at Luzira Prison.

Kazinda is represented by city lawyer Macdusman while the prosecution side is led by Principal State Attorney Jane Frances Abodo and State Attorney Paul Lakidi.

However, Justice David Wangutusi who is hearing the case has summoned the Luzira Prison doctor to appear before the court on Tuesday and explain why Kazinda has since failed to honour his hearings.

The former accountant is charged with forgery and unlawful possession of government property for which he allegedly used to defraud the government of billions of shillings.

It is alleged that between Jan.25 in 2011 and July 22 last year, Kazinda with intent to defraud or to deceive, forged the signature of Pius Bigirimana, the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister contained in cash withdrawal forms contending to show that the forms were signed by Bigirimana which was not the case.

Kazinda’s alleged misdeeds led to the loss of billions of shillings to government.

The Office of the Prime Minister last year made headlines after a forensic investigation by the Auditor General revealed that a whooping Shs 50 billion was mismanaged. a host of western powers have since suspended aid to the Uganda over the scandal.


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  1. I agree with paul. I luganda they say Kabwa Kabbi Kagumya mugongo. Meaning a dog that stills has to harden its back.It is now time for him to reap what he saw

  2. But why Kazinda alone in luzira when others who had a share of the money are in their houses sleeping?????? Is there democracy in uganda?????. I think we were better off with military government.

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