KENYA: 5 dead after boat capsizes while searching for body of man who drowned in River Nzoia

Sango-Umala, Kenya – A motorboat which was hired to help in searching for the body of a person who drowned in River Nzoia reportedly capsized, killing five people.

According to witnesses who spoke to Kenya’s Citizen Digital, the motorboat had been hired from Budalangi and was carrying nine people before its engine failed around the Sango-Umala area in Ugunja sub-county and it capsized on Saturday afternoon.

Only four people, including the coxswain, reportedly managed to swim away and were rescued while the other five helplessly drowned.

Confirming the incident, Siaya Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Sawe said a search for the five bodies has already been launched.

He also cautioned people living along the banks of River Nzoia to always be careful especially during this period that the river has overflown due to heavy rains in several parts of the country.

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