KENYA DECIDES: Business Slows Down In Amudat

Jubilee's Uhuru Kenyatta still Holding onto his Lead

Business in Amudat town council, Amudat district remains paralyzed as most traders rushed to Kenya to participate in the recently concluded elections.
The town remained quiet the whole day on Wednesday when a Uganda Radio Network reporter visited the area.  Most shops were closed while the district council offices were deserted. A few people walked about on the dusty and deserted town, as scores of UPDF soldiers and police personnel patrolled the suburbs.
Schools also had a few of their teachers sit at home and children were seen loitering in the compound during class time.
At Nabokotom Primary school, classrooms were open with only one teacher manning all classes as others stayed away from duty. Pupils kept on banging windows and desks as others hopped on top of desks.
Anna Chepusilak, a Primary Four pupil at Nabokotom Primary School, said they had not had classes since Monday, the day voting day for Kenya’s general elections. She explained that pupils just go to play and disappear between break and lunch time. She says that even some of her friends had decided to keep away from school to help parents at home. She appeals to government to find them teachers who are permanent at school.
Godfrey Kahebwa, the District Police Commander, said most people crossed into Kenya to participate in the general elections. He explained that three quarters of the communities have their homes in Kenya. He added that even without elections most people sleep in Kenya and cross in the morning to do business. However, he noted that the police could not allow government vehicles to cross to Kenya during the election period. He said when the local leaders come back the cars and motorcycles will be handed to them.
Steven Bewaayo Nsubuga, the Resident District Commissioner, says the teachers have just taken advantage to stay at home. He said soon a meeting will be called to address the issue. He asks teachers to cultivate interest in their job.
The election results are expected on Friday as counting had to repeated due to technical glitches at the Bomas tallying centre in Nairobi.

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