Kenya,Uganda Agri-business Symposium & Exhibition in High Gear

Officials at the Launch of Kenya-Uganda Agribusiness Symposium & Exhibition

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda (MOFA), together with other development partners on thursday officially launched the Agri-business symposium & exhibition scheduled for 8th and 9th Sept in Mombasa, Kenya. The launch was attended by officials from the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Uganda airlines and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Officials at the Launch of Kenya-Uganda Agribusiness Symposium & Exhibition

The two days symposium, according to officials, will provide an opportunity to the participants to hear from the various leaders in fields such as food safety and standards, agri-technology, pests and diseases and export producers.

Addressing Journalists during the launch today at the MOFA headquarters in Kampala, Uganda’s Minister of State in Charge of Regional Affairs, Hon John Mulimba, said the Symposium is an occasion for Uganda to strengthen its market in Kenya and realize new existing trade opportunities.

Mulimba said the topics to be undertaken during the Symposium include enhancing agricultural trade between Uganda and Kenya, interdependence of agro-based industries in Uganda and Kenya and the available opportunities in the agriculture sector in the two countries.

“The agriculture sector employs over 70% of Uganda’s working population and Kenya is our leading trade partner in the region ,most of our exports to Kenya are agricultural products and therefore, convening of the Symposium is a great initiative at consolidating our market in Kenya and dealing with any challenges to trade that may exist’’, said Mulimba .

Officials at the Launch of Kenya-Uganda Agribusiness Symposium & Exhibition

He added that Agriculture remains the mainstream of Uganda’s economy accounting for about 24% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and generating more than half of our country’s export earnings.

The symposium welcomed by the private sector is focused on the sustainable development goals 2030 roadmap, which sets ambitious targets for the agricultural sector and economic development.

Trade between Uganda and Kenya has increased on the back of the East African Common Market Protocol which was signed in 2010, and which allows the free movement of goods, people, labour, services and capital from one partner state to another.

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