Kiir Lauds UPDF Intervention In South Sudan

President Salva Kiir (in black hat) lauded Uganda's December 2013 prompt intervention

President Salva Kiir (in black hat) lauded Uganda's December 2013 prompt intervention
President Salva Kiir (in black hat) lauded Uganda’s December 2013 prompt intervention. PHOTO FROM SARAH KAGINGO

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has lauded Uganda’s December 2013 prompt intervention in his country saying had not been for the Ugandan army, millions of people in his country would have died and a lot of property would have been destroyed.

He revealed this on Wednesday during the occasion to mark the 3rd independence anniversary of war-torn South Sudan.

South Sudan attained independence from its northern neighbor, the Sudan on 9th July 2011.

The Republic of South Sudan with a population of nearly 11 million is the newest nation on the African continent.

Kiir also dismissed calls for the UPDF to leave his country.

Fighting between soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar broke out on December 15. Uganda sent it’s troops days later to fight alongside forces loyal to President Kiir.

Uganda’s relationship with South Sudan is strong, where troops from Uganda have been deployed at the request of Kiir.

Addressing the people of South Sudan on Wednesday at the John Garang Mausoleum in Juba, President Museveni urged the warring parties in that country to stick to the Addis Ababa Accord that is supported by IGAD.

According to a statement issued by president Museveni’s Special Assistant on Communication, he said the Accord will provide avenue for the two parties to continue the dialogue so that the people of South Sudan learn to find solutions to their challenges.

He said that a lot of achievements have been registered in the 3 years of South Sudan’s independence adding that independence is irreversible.

The President reiterated Uganda’s commitment to continue standing with the people of South Sudan.

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5 thoughts on “Kiir Lauds UPDF Intervention In South Sudan

  1. Militarisation will never bring peace. Does mean UPDF will stay in s Sudan forever?

    1. How is it militarisation? The UPDF is just creating a peacefull atmosphere in S.Sudan preventing the over throw of a democratically elected government, you should instead condem rebelling aganist a legitmate government. For God and my country.

      1. It should be soldiers in term of peace keepers but not heavy loaded soldiers with intention to shoot. It is looks like quick fix but not in long term. First agreement was to guard airport and juba but that was extended. Negotiate and negotiate will bear fruits but guns makes wider divisions which turn into conflicts. It is time we Africans start speaking than fight. It will be heavy price to pay but it worth

        1. No its time for the opposition members to learn to respect legitmate governments, why did Riek opt for war when there elections. For every action there is an equal but oppsite reaction. No time for peace talks with rebels.

          1. There is no shortcut to power.Africans should stop using the bullet but rather the ballot for getting to power.Period.

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