Komuntale Flaunts Dangerous Curves in Bikini

A few months back, we revealed how gorgeous Tooro kingdom princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale was working tooth and nail to get back in shape.


The gorgeous babe is back in shape and looks stunning.

Komuntale has regained her glass-hour figure and all her curves are in the right places.

On top of this, her skin is flawless. As a result, Komuntale has started showing what her ex-American hubby Christopher Thomas is missing.

Komuntale recently posted a picture of her sexy self-clad in a two piece bikini showing off her curves and killer figure.

The princess was having a good time with pals including Angie in US where she is based.

In the picture, Komuntale is seen posing in  bikini while enjoying cocktails with pals standing in swimming pool.

The princess attributes her new angelic looks to long workout sessions in the gym and dieting.

Komuntale revealed that she has been working out on a daily basis that it has become part of her life.

“Working out has literary become my life. Loving the results,” she posted on her Facebook page.

The sex oozing babe feels so good about her figure that she is constantly taking selfies and sharing with her fans and followers on social media.

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