LAUDED: Kanyeihamba Salutes KCCA over Makindye division roads

Kanyeihamba addressing the media recently

Kanyeihamba addressing the media recently

On Monday 8th November, Kampala Minister Minsa Kabanda led a delegation of KCCA officials to inspect the state of roads in Makindye Division. And during her stay in the Division, Minsa Kabanda flagged off road works for a number of roads including the all-important East Konge road which stretches 1.3kms. At a cost of Shs 4,436,330,000 (roughly Shs4.4bn), M/s Summit Project Ltd will be doing a number of things to improve the motorability of that road in the next 6 months. Everything must be completed by 5th May 2022. On that same stretch, the contractor will do drainage works, paving using gravel/crushed stones, bituminous layering and sealing. Will equally do some ancillary works such as road marking and installation of road signs. Senior citizen GW Kanyeihamba, a retired Supreme Court judge, says the upgrading of this East Konge road was long overdue. Kanyeihamba, who for many years has lived on Buziga Hill in the same Makindye Division, says people who use that road everyday have suffered since time immemorial because of the bad state it has been in. He is ultimately grateful to KCCA that, despite the resource constraints, they have finally found some way to make things better for citizens living in that neighborhood. “I personally live on the other side and the road directly passing via my home to Munyonyo was tarmacked some time back and it’s a good thing that East Konge is finally being considered for upgrading. It’s an upcoming area and a lot of doctors and business people use that road very frequently on their way to town.

KCCA ED Kisakka and Kampala Minister Kabanda

That intervention by KCCA is going to help them a lot and communication is going to be improved on that side of our Makindye Division. It’s no doubt a welcome intervention,” Kanyeihamba said in an interview. According to KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka, the funding is 100% from the GoU and a number of things are going to be done on the hitherto-fatally potholed East Konge road including clearing the entire corridor. The pavement layers are going to be reconstructed too besides scarification, construction of both open & closed drainage. There will also be laying of asphalt and other ancillary works. City Hall considers East Konge road to be uniquely important because it serves a large community while connecting Lukuli road to Kyamula Drive. The road is on a hilly and steep terrain connecting Lukuli and Kyamula roads. It currently is synonymous with potholes condemning it to such a bad state which Kanyeihamba says residents have endured for such a long time. Some sections of the road have no drainage systems at all, a thing that creates extreme inconvenience for the community especially when it rains. The reconstructed East Konge road will smoothen mobility of Makindye Division residents especially those operating between Lukuli and Salaama parishes. This is the reason why the Monday visit by Minister Minsa Kabanda and KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka (who were accompanied by Makindye leaders) has since given local residents the optimism that their very important 1.3km road is finally going to be reconstructed and improved to fit the 21st century standards of modern Kampala. MUCH MORE
Yet this East Konge is just one of the many other roads KCCA has prioritized and will be reconstructing or paving in the next three years. The others include Kakonge Road (0.8km), Radio Station/Posta Road (1km), Katuuso Rise (0.6km) and Prince Badru Kakungulu Road (0.9km) whose drainage system is going to be reconstructed to enable appropriate flow of water.
In total covering over 10kms, the other roads to be paved or reconstructed in Makindye Division in the next 3 years include Luwafu Road (2.43km)-and the intervention will benefit the stretch between Mobutu Road to Salaama Road. Yet that isn’t all. Kabega Road/Hanlon Road Junction (0.95km) will be upgraded to paved standard. The adjoining junction will also be signalized. This intervention will benefit the stretch between Hanlon Road and Kirombe Road. In the same period, KCCA (closely working with Makindye Division leaders will also) invest in the reconstruction of Nsambya Road (0.52km) and signalization of Hanlon Road junction. And this intervention will benefit the stretch between Nsambya Road and Hanlon junction. Kayemba Road (1.3km) will be upgraded to surface standard besides the signalization of Katwe Road junction. This intervention will benefit the stretch between Lukuli Road and Katwe Road.
Yet there is much more. Between now and 2024, KCCA will accomplish the reconstruction of the entire 8th Street in Namuwongo (2.73km) still in Makindye Division. The resultant intervention will benefit the stretch between Mukwano Road and Bukasa Road. For those who may not know, this is the stretch passing through Monitor Publications/Kfm headquarters all the way to Bukasa. The reconstruction works will no doubt better life for travelers earning a living by working from that side of Kampala. It’s currently narrow and severely potholed and reconstructing it will be a welcome intervention for motorists.
Under the same Makindye Division intervention, KCCA will also reconstruct the Kabalagala junction and thereby benefit travelers heading to Kansanga, Gaba and beyond. The works will cover a distance of 0.42kms relating to Gaba Road, Nsambya Estate and Muyenga Road junctions. To further improve motorists’ experience, the same works will also comprise the relevant signalization. In total, Makindye Division has a road network covering 392kms of which only 115kms (or 30%) is paved/tarmacked implying that 70% of the roads are yet to be paved, a thing that doesn’t augur well with Vision 2040 which envisages a far better modernized city. The good news is that the KCCA leadership both at City Hall and Makindye Division level appreciates the enormity of the challenge at hand and is determined to continue soliciting and lobbying for the necessary financing.

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