UPDF Chief of Staff Land Forces (COS LF), Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda

Wakiso – The Chief of Staff Land Forces (COS LF) of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF), Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda, has expressed satisfaction on the positive impact of the refresher training that the Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel in Kampala Metropolitan Policing (KMP) Area have been undergoing since 20th July 2020 at Kakiri Barracks. He hailed the trainers for their efforts in grooming the LDUs.

“I am glad to hear that the few LDUs who had sometimes gone astray as they operated in KMP have benefited from the refresher training and their conducts are now in line with our historical pro-people ideology. The UPDF and Police instructors have indeed done a commendable job in making this happen,” said Maj Gen Kyanda.

This follows a briefing by the UPDF 1st Division Commander, Maj Gen Samuel Kawagga, to the COS LF that the feedback from the public confirms that the LDUs who completed the refresher training and were deployed back are relating well with the population.

Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda was officiating at the closing ceremony of refresher training for LDUs of Wakiso Battalion and opening the same course for Entebbe Battalion. Present at the function held at Kakiri barracks were regular members of the UPDF, Uganda Police Force and LDUs who benefited from a lecture by the COS LF.

Maj Gen Kyanda revealed that the UPDF leadership and the Political Commissariat would never tire reminding members of the Armed Forces about the significance of a cordial civil-military relationship and why civil considerations are one of the most important issues to factor into military planning and operations.

“You must ensure and maintain a cordial strategic relationship with the people. It is from here that we draw our strength. It is because of a friendly operational environment blessed by a synergetic relationship with people that we achieved the 1986 peoples’ victory against dictatorship,” said Maj Gen Kyanda.

Over 60% of the LDUs have so far completed refresher training and deployed back to support the Police in fighting criminality in KMP.

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LDUs is credited for quickly reversing the high criminality rate in KMP characterized by murders, kidnaps, armed robbery, housebreak among other crimes. However, while doing this, a few had been faulted for especially being aggressive but they have now received training on policing skills and how to handle civilians.

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