Locals, Politicians cry Foul over Rubirizi RDC’s corruption

Rubirizi | RedPepper DigitalAll is not well among the locals, politicians and the Rubirizi Resident District Commissioner Harriet Nakamya who is allegedly accused of corruption tendencies.

According to the sources, it has been raised by some of the locals who are the victims of RDC’s mistreatment by asking money from them while handling their matters especially issues including domestic violence, land conflicts and other related issues.

It is said that RDC is supposed to handle such matters to the public in his or her area of jurisdiction on a free service according to the law that governs civil servants. In this case,  the people of the Rubirizi District are crying as they blame their RDC Nakamya for allegedly engaged in extorting money from the people who normally approach her for help.

According to one of the victims Juliet Kenvuma from Ryeru 2 Kadete ward Ruburizi Town Council told our reporter that she had conflicts with his Husband Onesmas Mugisha over land matters, that his husband married another woman and later started selling off the land without the consent of the old woman whom they have produced together 9 children.

She first reported these matters to the former RDC Rubirizi Kule who had intervened in their matters but unfortunately he was transferred before they were sorted out. Then when the current RDC came, Kenvuma also reported the same matter to her but since then nothing has ever been sorted.

Kenvuma added that when she approached the RDC about her challenges with his husband kept on delaying her and confusing her until she later asked her some token of 1m. Kenvuma alleges that RDC asked her one million she wants her issues sorted.

“I went to this RDC of Rubirizi knowing that as a leader, he would help and sort my challenges with my husband but she has since not helped me. She asked me for money of UGX1m and I cried to her begged her to allow me and raise the little I can but she insisted” Said Kenvuma revealing that she was able to raise UG600,000.

She added: On time she called me in her office but when I reached there; I found already my Husband and the person he sold our land to. She, then kicked me out of the office asserting that there were some issues they wanted to discuss. From that point, I suspected that she had connived with my husband and the other person whom he sold the land, ” said Kenvuma narrates her ordeal.

In the audio that leaked to us, one Sentare from Busonga in Rubirizi echoes how RDC was asking money from this person who was insisting that his wife should leave from his land in Busonga. It is revealed that RDC had asked him for some money for fuel or transport to visit that land, through their conversation the money asked her if he can send the through mobile money or he brings it himself to the RDC’s office. 

Speaking to our reporter, the LC5 Chairperson – Rubirizi, Slivesta Agubanshogorire revealed that he was aware of the cases raised against the RDC Nakamya but are still waiting for the response from the appointing authority.

“As Council in 2019, we passed a resolution that they no longer want to work with the RDC due to corruption issues and poor service delivery, but later we were advised that that was not the right procedure and rather write to the appointing authority seeking for the transfer of the RDC,” said

He further said that her role as RDC is to handle issues and matters of the public not extorting money from them as the people allege. He said that even nowadays people always crowd his office because of challenges which are he doesn’t sort in an appropriate time.”

I will first all blame the people from our local areas who jump and leave the offices of LC1, LC2 and LC3. They are the right people who are supposed to sort issues of Land conflicts why do u immediately rush to the RDC and then when you heated you start crying?  There is also offices of probation, advocates and police in the department that deal with domestic violence you rather access those offices for your challenges and be helped conveniently not the RDC since she’s already having issues” said Agubanshogorire Chairman LC5.

“Actually I must tell u that our RDC is not well qualified for this position and we also included it in our letter to the appointing authority. So we are now waiting for the response from the appointing authority but Nakamya is not fit this office for better service delivery of Rubirizi District” he added.

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