Lukwago Warns Tumwebaze On Mayoral Meetings

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has warned the Minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze over convening mayoral meetings.

Frank Tumwebaze
Frank Tumwebaze

Lukwago’s warning comes amidst a consultative meeting convened by Frank Tumwebaze on Thursday September 25, at parliament that attracted Kampala Urban Division Mayors to discuss the management of affairs within these divisions.

“He is on the over drive, lovy-doving with the President, now he feels so excited and big to rule Kampala” Lukwago said.

He termed Tumwebaze’s move to meet urban division Mayor as an act of impunity, questioning the law and powers used by Frank Tumwebaze to convene meetings.

“He thinks by doing such he will get rid of me and my office” He said.

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

He added, “They are in a crisis, having tried from Parliament, court to councilors to run over my office but has failed”.

He noted that Frank Tumwebaze’s relationship with President Museveni will also come to pass just like others have.

Lukwago argued that Tumwebaze might have rushed to call a meeting to counter a recent threat by Kampala Central Division Mayor Godfrey Nyakana and his executive to sue him(Kampala Minister) and Executive Director KCCA Jennifer Musisi over their usurped powers by KCCA.

Frank Tumwebaze in November 2013 chaired an emergency meeting at the city hall that later led to the impeachment of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

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  1. Lukwago is a joker, lost his political post because of acting young in politics, and now his threatening, he cant even bite, i believe you lost support of the people of kampala

      1. I can’t be quiet while seeing an old man like Lukwago who takes his fights to markets, innocent people are teargassed during his rallies, he told people not to pay taxes, so how can people get services with out paying taxes, he wasted his chance and it will never come back.

  2. Lukwago should find something to make him busy instead of shouting and making comments which are not helping him at all. Everything has its own time so wait for the right time to come. Can you give us a break please!!!!

    1. yah lukwago should look for something else to do, he will never be the mayor of kampala again come rain come sun, opprtunity knocks once. Twakowa childish politics.

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