M7, CDF Clash Over S Sudan War

Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni and the Chief of Defense Forces General Katumba Wamala do not seem to be on the same page in regard to the war in South Sudan, and the deployment of the army if their recent public statements are something to go by.


During a special parliament sitting called to discuss the army’s deployment in now conflict hit South Sudan on Tuesday, General Katumba labored to explain and convince the house that UPDF was only deployed in the neighboring country for humanitarian reasons that included rescuing Ugandans.

While he was making his point, president Yoweri Museveni who was in the Angolan capital Luanda attending the 5th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Great Lakes Region on Peace and Security opened a Pandora’s box of sorts when he for the first time confirmed that Ugandan troops are fighting alongside South Sudanese government forces against rebels.

President Museveni’s remarks were a contradiction of what General Katumba told the house.

That was not the only information flow gaffe. Army spokesman Col. Paddy Ankunda had told Ugandans that reports of UDPF soldiers perishing in the conflict were just a hoax.

However, at the same summit, president Museveni also admitted that the national army had suffered some fatalities in the conflict.

These developments have left many political pundits bemused and asking whether there is a coordinated dissemination of information in the echelons of power.


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8 thoughts on “M7, CDF Clash Over S Sudan War

  1. The UPDF may not know that M7 is using them for political capital, among other hidden personal interests.

  2. When the President of a Country is fond of telling his Junior officers what to tell the General public covered with lies intended mistakes and one day when it happens that his words and plans are not harmonized then trouble comes.Museveni needs people who are able to openly tell him his mistakes in order to remind him on how much he has to pay back for the damaged things in the country and outside because of his troubles he makes.

  3. i think this is not about who tells the truth or lies, but we should be thankfull to the army for rescuing our bothers and sisters who were trapped in the war zones.

    1. John, no Ugandan working in South Sudan needed the UPDF to come to their rescue. As I write now there are many Ugandans in South Sudan conducting their business. If you are in Kampala, which I doubt, please go to Arua park buspark to witness the large number of Ugandans travelling to Juba.
      Museveni should not fool you! The main objective of sending UPDF to South Sudan is rather different. Museveni does not care that much about the ordinary Ugandans. Open your eyes and reason!!

  4. There was nothing wrong with what Gen. Katumba & Col. Ankunda said. They hadnt got information to the fact that UPDF was in combat and had actually sustained casualities. M7 had just been informed by the South Sudanese authorities and he, M7, hadnt had time to brief his co whammanders of what was on the ground. He, M7, controls all the operations and the commanders are just informed what he, M7, has decided and been updated.

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