M7 Summons NRM CEC Over Age Limit

President Museveni

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M7 Summons NRM CEC Over Age Limit

By Henry Mulindwa

President Yoweri Museveni has stated that he will soon summon the NRM central executive committee to rally its support towards the removal of article 102[b] of the constitution.

This article  fixes 75 years as the age limit for anyone ruling Uganda and that whoever clocks it, should call it a day. And yet, Museveni has only three years before he clocks this year hence the need to scrap it urgently. As such, the president according to insiders, on Monday last week shortly after the ministers’ retreat, held another meeting with leaders of NRM in Kyankwanzi. The leaders presented to him a resolution asking him to stand in 2021.


The document given to him, which has exclusively leaked to us indicates that Kyankwanzi district woman MP Ann Nankabirwa signed it and their secretary general Mawaggali.

“Whereas members of the district conference are convinced that article 102[b] of the constitution of Uganda has detrimental effects to the sustainability of the country’s development progress as it poses prohibitive effects to those Ugandans and leaders who may still have the ability and potential to provide leadership, it is now resolved that MPs representing Kyankwanzi present to parliament an amendment to article 102[b] to lift the age limit from 75 and open it up to allow able and capable leaders to still offer leadership to the country” the resolution given to Museveni reads in part.

It goes on ‘Be it further resolved that H.EYoweri Museveni considers offering himself as a party candidate in 2021presidential elections following the amendment of this article of the constitution’

Our insiders told us that when Museveni was given this document, he smiles several times before making a response.

“I want to thank you for this initiative. It is a good idea which I have also been thinking about but I was still wondering how to bring it out. I am going to take to CEC and I am sure CEC members will pass it. I will persuade them because I am the chairman CEC. I will then call you again early September” he was quoted as telling the group.

Museveni according to our sources met this group on Monday evening shortly after the ministers were taken for shooting. It was reported that at first, the Kyankwanzi leaders led by Ann Nankabirwa were frustrated by NRM party bosses who tried to block them from meeting the president.

“They [Nankabirwas] have a good idea but it cannot be them to bring it. No, they must be stopped. Why them? This is a serious matter which everyone would want to associate with as his or her initiative” sources told us naming two top party bosses on the initial plan to block the deal.


Meanwhile, the list of RDCs is coming out soon. Our insiders told us that the list has however, been designed in a way that all old guards have been knifed. The president according to his new strategy has appointed youths in the posts of RDCs purposely to assist him monitor government programs. We have been told that the reason he is opting for young people is because they are less committed,,energetic and above all, can mobilize.

“This term is a term for hard work. Museveni wants by 2021, not to campaign but to win his new term without hurdles. The current RDCs are too old and tired. They have not performed at all and have turned their offices into offices for land brokers. The president is bitter with them. Thats why he suffered a lot answering concerns of the people during campaigns because RDCs were doing nothing yet people were suffering” our sources told us.

Sources stated that the president was advised against turning the office of RDCs as an office for old people yet it is all about mobilization. The president was told that if he wants to continue keeping old people in government, he should appoint them presidential advisers but not RDCs.

“The post of RDC is a field position. It is not for retirement purposes. This is why all old RDCs are losing their jobs because they are very old and some are political failures. We want youths to occupy these offices. This is why the list has delayed because the president wants a list full of youths” sources explained.  Our sources actually told us that the president had been presented with a list of RDCs by Moses Byaruhanga and Abbey Mukwaya but he allegedly rejected it on grounds that it was full of incumbent RDCs whom he accuses of poor performance. He asked presidency minister Mbayo Esther to design a new list considering youth mainly.

On top of that, the president has also created a special team of NRM youths to carry out secret investigations into the work of civil servants mainly those working at district level. The team is targeting mainly health workers, teachers and road contractors. The group will work closely with ISO boss Brig. Ronnie Barya and will report directly to the president. We were told that Museveni came up with this idea after realizing that most civil servants were recruited during Amama Mbabazi’s reign and he fears that they might sabotage his government. By creating this team, it will carry out secret investigations among government workers and file direct reports to the president who will in turn make impromptu visits to those places and fire all non-working staff.

“If anyone has been in government and you failed to steal in the last 30 years, just forget stealing or resign. There is no more time for thieves. I am serious and people must watch. I am going to bite. This is kisanjaHakunaMchezo” sources quoted him as telling a group of youths. We have been told that actually, last week’s incident where Museveni stormed a health center in Wakiso and fired the entire staff was as a result of the work of this group and more will be fired on spot.


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