M7 Tells Judiciary to Treat Murderers with An Iron Hand

M7 Tells Judiciary to Treat Murderers with An Iron Hand

By Stuart Yiga

President Yoweri Museveni has echoed a warning to those who kill, rape women or defile innocent young girls and think they can walk freely.

Museveni who was addressing members of the Uganda Law Society (ULS) during their 60th anniversary at a dinner that was held at Serena hotel on Friday last week, also warned that such people should know that the system of an eye for an eye will be applied to foster the principle of no impunity.

He also expressed willingness to steer the fundamental question of the law, saying it had not yet been exhausted well because his government had started with the basics of life.

“We must respect the law though at times we don’t agree with the philosophy because some of us came from the bush nevertheless, we respect the law the way they are. Actually, lawyers have existed with their heads on their body because of the NRM government not like in the ancient where the legal system had a narrow spectrum to solve social problems,” he said.

He also reminded lawyers to stick to their professional ethics in order to avoid cases of corruption and bribery which he attributed to lack of supervision.

“If the legal system becomes too weak, people will be compelled to take the law into their hands. You are lawyers of Ugandans so; you need to set your GPS to locate yourselves if you are to become relevant to the society. Understand the people’s issues to find the truth than defending,” Museveni said.

Meanwhile, the President of the ULS Patrick Gimara commended the President Museveni for honouring their invitation.

“We are happy you have joined us today, you had taken long without attending our functions and we thought you had a forbear for lawyers. There has been a disconnection that we are against the government whenever we come out and talk on particular issues, let’s be listened to. Advocating for the rule of law does not mean we are against you.  We only need to uphold and promote the rule of law to help government on issues of electoral and constitutional reforms to enhance judicial independence,” Gimara stated, thus throwing the gathering into laughter.

He however appealed to government to support their Legal Aid project which is currently helping over 3000 Ugandans getting access to justice.

He explained that since 2002, the project has been funded by the Norwegian donors but after two years of their extension, they will have no body to push them financially.

“The Legal Aid law should be passed as to help build up to set a status quo and another issue is that, as ULS, we are committed to fighting judicial corruption to ensure that necessary justice is attained by everyone despite the invasion of our profession by some individuals whose intentions is to make money other than serving but it’s not our ethical practice,” Gimara added.

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