I Know Their Tricks! Museveni’s Girl Among Stings FDC’s Amuriat, Dismisses Opposition Win in Teso

Bukedea Woman MP, Hon. Anita Among speaks to Press at Kumi Local Govt Grounds, Kumi District on Monday, November 23.

Kumi – The incumbent Bukedea Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Anita Among has rubbished claims that Opposition Party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) will beat NRM in the Teso Region.

The forthcoming presidential elections have been graced with 11 candidates cleared to appear on the ballot paper subsequent to the November 2 and 3, 2020, nominations.

FDC’s Patrick Oboi Amuriat, who is currently holding campaigns in Madi-Okollo in West Nile sub-region, hails from Teso and particularly Kumi County, Kumi.

While speaking to the press at Kumi Local Govt Grounds, Among revealed that she was committed to whipping out the opposition in Teso Sub-region and FDC’s Amuriat Stands no chance at the highest political office in Uganda.

“If he (Amuriat) lost the parliamentary seat in Kumi County with only four (4) sub-counties, how will he take on the whole country. He stands no change,” said Hon. Among throwing jabs at the FDC presidential candidate.

Tasked to explain how she was mobilizing for NRM party amidst electorate she sought opposition support before, Hon. Among revealed that she was comfortable with her decision and will continue to rally support for her party.

I was in opposition before and I decided to move to NRM to serve my people. As a mobiliser for the NRM, I am fit for the job because I understand the structures and dynamics of the Opposition and how to engage,” said a confident Among.

Asked on why she ‘flourishing’ expeditiously in the NRM, the Bukedea District Woman MP revealed that she was closer to the source and made the right decision for her constituents.

“How can I starve when I am in the kitchen?” Hon. Among rhetorically asked sending the media in confusion while justifying her prowess in the NRM party.

Among also revealed that the Government has designated UGX50Bn to compensate the people of Teso for the animals (cattle) lost in insurgencies.

“The NRM government is set to compensate the people of Teso for the animals and property lost. It is not NRM that took the animals but it is an effort to elevate the economic status of the people of Teso Region,” said Among reaffirming the sub-region’s support the party.

NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern Region, Capt. Mike Mukula

Among, a long-time member of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change political party declined the party ticket in 2016 and ran as an independent candidate defeating the former Internal Affairs Minister Rose Akol.

In yet another interview with the press, NRM Vice chairperson, Capt. Mike Mukula interested the people of Uganda that Teso region has been held back by previous insurgencies and instability.

“Many wars and insurgencies have been fought for 50 years in the Teso Sub-region. The people of Teso fought the Karimojong, the war of Tito Okello here; fought Lakwena, among other insurgencies,” said Capt. Mukula.

He also intimated that up to 60,000 guns were disarmed from the hostile Karimojong warriors and peace was restored in Teso.

Key on the agenda remains compensation pledge made to the People of the Teso and, ‘Elgon-13’ RCs as well as access to the Emyooga initiative.

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Hon. Among and Capt. Mukula made the deliberations ahead of the arrival of NRM candidate Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni who was slated to meet Party leaders and flag-bearers drawn from Bukedea, Kumi, Sereere and Ngora districts. 

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