M7’s Age Troubling NRM CEC

M7’s Age Troubling NRM CEC

By Henry Mulindwa

The NRM Central Executive Committee [CEC] is demanding President/party chairman Yoweri Museveni to come up with a clear roadmap on how he intends to handle the age limit issue ahead of 2018 cap and the 2021 presidential elections.

The pressure arises from the fact that Museveni’s age is clocking the constitutional ceiling of 75years in 2018.

Here, according to our insiders in CEC, there are two issues that bother members sitting on this committee.

One is that, what will happen after the president has clocked this age limit? Secondly, what plans does he have for 2021 polls as far as NRM politics is concerned?

Our sources stated that CEC is now concerned that Museveni hasn’t shown a clear direction of where he is going especially if he is going to cause an amendment to the constitution to lift the age limit yet he has only one year ahead.

Secondly, sources stated that members are wondering if Museveni will hand over power after his current term.

This fear has also been energized by opposition plot to destabilize the country through what they termed as C18 [COUNTDOWN 2018] when they claim Museveni’s constitutional mandate expires and therefore must hand over power to the vice president to organize elections.

“We are wondering what direction we are taking as a party? Are we going to amend the law or the chairman is going to hand over power? This is what we want to know as CEC.

The NRM caucus is going to Kyankwanzi in January and what package are we giving members as CEC? Everyone is asking about where we are going” top CEC sources told us.

We have been told that CEC wants Museveni to summon them and debate such important matters before MPs jump on them.

“Whether we like it or not, without Museveni on the ballot paper [as NRM presidential candidate in 2021], Besigye is the next president.

Whoever, NRM will front besides Museveni, he or she will be badly defeated. This is why we call this a crisis in NRM because Museveni built himself and not the party. He is actually the party.

It is for this reason that as CEC, we have to sit and get his word on how we should handle the constitutional and political crisis ahead of us before it is too late,” sources added.

We were however, told that the recent proposal to lift the age limit for judges was actually an NRM’s secret plan to test the mood of legislators and also prepare them for the desired amendment of the presidential age limit.

Sources said that out of that ‘test’ it was clear that, members are allegedly going to demand for a lot of money.

We have been told that this proposed dime will be paid in the next financial year and will be disguised as balance for their [MPs] cars.

Already each member was given shs100m for cars but the balance they demand is allegedly shs100m more and part of this is actually for this purpose ahead.

“We tested the possibility of having this amendment going through in parliament using the judges’ amendment but it showed that members would support it only if we pay them. Some are asking for shs100m others are undecided. But all these are matters that we need to sort as CEC so that we can have a clear roadmap” sources stated.

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