Mackenzie declares political side

As other entertainers are doing the best to stay away from politics and its games, Radiocity presenter and events MC Bryan Sabiiti Mackenzie has come out to profess his political colour.

Bryan Mackenzie

In a post he made on social media, Mackenzie was seen making it clear to support Besigye through thick and thin.

“I believe Dr. Besigye can deliver to Ugandans what they need. The People of Uganda have lost hope in prosperity, thank you Mr. Museveni for all you have done for us, especially me who has pretty much never seen any other President. I think you deserve to be honoured like the Daniel Arap Moi’s of this world but come Election Day, I will be behind Col. Kizza Besigye.” He posted.

Apparently, one of his workmates and friend DJ Aludah also declared the blue side as his favourite, rising speculations that ‘Blueism’ could be slowly taking over Radiocity and its employees.

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