Makerere University Students Reject Guild Presidential Revote

Makerere University College of Education students have refused to participate in the guild presidential revote after the tribunal ordered for a re-election.

Bazil Mwotta
Bazil Mwotta

The students donned in red gowns today morning gathered at the college of education frustrating any attempt to organize the re-election.

Bazil Baddemu Mwotta who won the elections hails from the college.

Mwotta scored 4, 594 vote while Roy Ssemboga who came second after he garnered 4,276 votes.

Dissatisfied with the results, Ssemboga petitioned the University tribunal calling for annulment of the college of education votes.

The tribunal settled for the re-election which is being contested by the college of education students.

Bazil Mwotta says the tribunal’s verdict is “rotten, too biased to be acceptable, unfair, unjust and also untimely.”


“Makerere University students made a choice, a choice not between our daily narratives or mean happenings but a choice of a leader who not only outstandingly but also expressly gave the best package of ideas,” Mwotta argued today morning.

“In the tribunal’s immodest presumption, they thought we would subdue, In their evil tale they thought lies would supersede the clean truth, in their wisdom which to some of us is lack of wisdom, they didn’t know that the Guild election had a purpose so ravenous that it devoured all our strengths today.”

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