Man Strangles Baby to Death after Mother Denying Him ‘Conjugal Rights’

The Deceased's Body

Kalaki Police are holding a man suspected of strangling to death his five-month old baby.

Enyonu Being Picked from the Scene of Crime

William Enyonu, 36, a resident of Achira village, Kaberapira parish in Ogwolo Sub County Kalaki district was picked up by police on the orders of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) on Sunday night after allegedly killing his son.

It is alleged that Enyonu turned his anger on the child following a quarrel with his wife Loyce Ogwero, 26, on Sunday night. He reportedly accused the wife for bearing the child outside wedlock.

Though it is not clear the motive for the murder, family members of the deceased claim the man had consistently been threatening to kill his wife who’s a mother of five over sex starvation.

Police said the case was still under investigation and will be taken to court for prosecution.

The Deceased’s Body

The area RDC Paul Kalikwani said the suspect was picked up on a tip off from the community members who rang him after a talk show at a local radio station.

‘’I want to condemn these acts of domestic violence, recklessness of parents and actions driven by excessive emotions. I appeal to the community however to desist from the practices of rigid culture of this area of an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and scratch my back and I also scratch yours’’, said Kalikwani.

According to the suspect, a verbal altercation broke out between him and his wife at about 10pm on Sunday because she refused to have sexual intercourse with him, due to alleged drunkenness.

The verbal altercation developed into a fistfight, prompting him to strangle the boy.

Other unconfirmed reports from the neighbors indicate that Enyonu strangled his son after being disgruntled for not receiving the Shs 100,000 COVID-19 relief fund disbursed by the Government.

Domestic Violence highly prevalent in Teso and intimate partner violence is the most common form of violence. During health emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence tends to increase, according to District officials.

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