Mao’s Liver Overloaded with Cocktail of Drugs

Shocking Details surrounding the deteriorating health of Democratic Party (DP) president general Norbert Mao have emerged.

DP President Norbert Mao.
DP President Norbert Mao.

This newspaper broke news that frail Mao was on Sunday morning rushed to IHK hospital in nerve-wracking condition.

A source at City House who wished to remain anonymous told us yesterday after visiting his boss who is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) that experts have for three days conducted over 60 samples to establish what disease is gradually ‘eating up’ the opposition kingpin.

“Mao was advised by his personal doctor who bases at Mulago to go for a checkup at IHK because his condition has failed to normalize since he left Nairobi last year where he was flown almost half dead,” the source said.

He said that reaching at IHK medics suggested that Mao be taken to ICU where he would receive massive attention to ascertain what the problem is.

And by yesterday doctors found out that Mao was suffering from liver overload which has partly been caused by drugs he takes on daily basis.

This disease according to medics is termed as Liver Toxicity.

“His liver was generally overloaded not would soon become dysfunctional which most of us know as liver failure,” the source said.

Adding that in this process the liver becomes depleted and cannot process the byproducts thus storing excess toxins in other organs, in the muscles, on the skin, and thus resulting into burnout, hypo function, exhaustion or insufficiency and trauma.

“What doctors are doing now is to detoxificate him his liver, kidneys and other organs of deadly toxins,” a source said.

Experts who talked to us said some of the deadly symptoms of liver overload include low or high blood pressure, depression, Lose interest in friends, family and work, poor immune function, muscle and bone loss, skin problems, hair loss among others.

A source confirmed that these are exactly the symptoms the DP hocho exudes.

At IHK, doctors have advised his family to bar any visitors be it scribes or party members because his immune system is weak and he can be exposed to any dangers.

But sadly, his wife Naomi, according to family relative, has since not stepped at the hospital to comfort his husband.

“Except it’s his in law and brother who are taking care of Mao and I went there yesterday but Naomi hadn’t showed up,” a source added.


The acting party spokesman Kenneth Kakande while addressing news conference at City House on Tuesday said that their leader was admitted at IHK but he is steadily recovering, though he was uncertain when Mao will be discharged.

That aside, three DP members; Kampala lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, MP Michael Lulume Bayigga and presidential hopefully Sam Lubega have started reaching out to party delegates ahead of next month’s delegates conference which will chose the party flag bearer as  we head for general elections.

Meanwhile a source at IHK said that sickly Mao, has defied doctors’ orders and he is reaching out to DP delegates on phone seeking for their vote in the next party presidential election.

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