Masaka’s Lone Sniffer Dog ‘Afande Cop’ Exhausted By Overwhelming District Crime

File Photos of Police officer parading sniffer dogs.

File Photos of Police officer parading sniffer dogs.
File Photos of Police officer parading sniffer dogs.

The lone Police sniffer dog for Masaka canine section is exhausted and unwell due to overwhelming crimes in the district, according to police.

The sniffer dog named ‘Afande Cop’ covers the districts of Masaka, Bukomansimbi, Kalangala and Kalungu in beefing up detective works by police personnel. Afande Cop, as all sniffer dogs is trained to use its senses to detect substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, blood and individual scents.

It has been a very helpful resource in searching and identifying persons involved in crime across the region which is grappling with rising insecurity rates involving burglaries and robberies. According to police statistics, at least eight houses are broken into every week in Masaka.

Moses Nsereko Ssebuliba, the latest victim of burglary in New Kumbu, Masaka, says that his request for a sniffer dog to track down the suspects was turned down early this week on condition that the dog is too weak to undertake any investigative tasks.

But other burglary victims accuse police of demanding for money before releasing the sniffer dog. Peter Mutesasira, a resident of Masaka claims that when his house was burnt down in 2011, he was asked to pay Ugx 20,000 to facilitate transportation of the dog.

Noah Sserungogi, the Greater Masaka region police spokesperson says the dog is exhausted by overwhelming demand for its service. He says the dog gets at least five requests every day which it cannot attend to at the same time.

Afande Cop is one of the few overworked dogs in the police force. Animal rights activists note that manyanimals recruited into the police force are maltreated.

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