By Jolly Gwari

Woburn, Massachusetts – Earlier today, the Hon. Judge Janice W. Howe dismissed with prejudice the court case that Oakland, California based small claims and litigation lawyer Mr. Joseph Ssennoga Musoke brought against UNAA in March 2015. In delivering this humiliating and humbling defeat, the Judge advised UNAA’s Counsel Mr. Galen Hair to file a motion for recovery of costs incurred from the plaintiffs who in addition to Mr. Musoke include Mr. Andrew Lakoich Abe of Houston, Texas; and others. It was a dramatic and climactic end to the five-year saga that saw Mr. Musoke, who was listed in court documents, as one of the petitioners, a witness, and an attorney for the case, even failing to attend today’s trial. Equally unable or unwilling to attend was his locally based attorney on record, Mr. Godfrey Kazibwe Zziwa, Esq.; the proprietor of the Law Office of Godfrey K. Zziwa located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

 Sensing imminent defeat, Mr. Musoke had filed an appeal on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 seeking a delay of today’s court proceedings. Judge Howe took less than 24 hours to throw out that appeal. In an act of further desperation, Mr. Musoke filed another appeal late on Friday, June 26th, 2019 to the Appellate Court in yet another attempt to stop today’s trial. It would appear that that appeal was filed too late, finally dooming Mr. Musoke’s tireless and persistent efforts to prolong the case beyond reason.

In delivering her 30-minute verdict, Judge Howe did something rare – she said she was going to speak on the record – perhaps a not-so-subtle message to the Appellate court when it eventually hears Mr. Musoke’s Friday night appeal. Judge Howe then proceeded to castigate Mr. Musoke for his failure to show up in court on several occasions and for filing motion after motion in a clear attempt to unnecessarily prolong the case – including refiling motions that the court had previously denied throughout the entirety of the case. This was an egregious abuse of the court system by Mr. Musoke, who came across as pursuing a relentless and personal vendetta against the respondents named in the case.

Not spared either were UNAA’s members, who Mr. Musoke described in documents he submitted to the court this month, as being mostly indigent and of undocumented immigration status. Coming at a time when the current United States administration is stepping up efforts to deport persons it perceives as being undocumented; this level of desperation by Mr. Musoke is particularly callous and reckless.

 History of the case:

In March 2015, Mr. Joseph Musoke of Oakland, California and Mr. Andrew Abe of Houston, Texas sued UNAA and its then Executive Committee members claiming that they were in violation of the UNAA Constitution by refusing to grant them a request for a Special Meeting of UNAA Members. In the 2013 UNAA Dallas elections, Mr. Musoke came in a distant third place in his bid for the UNAA Presidency while Mr. Abe had lost his bid for a seat on the UNAA Council. UNAA through its lawyer, Mr. Galen Hair presented evidence to the court showing that the then UNAA Executive Secretary, Mrs. Aisha Ogwang had on Nov 4th, 2014 responded to Mr. Musoke informing him that he did not have the required minimum number of signatories of UNAA members as per articles 3.3.1 and 4.2 of the UNAA Constitution to petition the UNAA Executive Committee to call a Special Meeting.

Mr. Musoke had alleged that the purpose of the Special Meeting was to compel the UNAA Executive to declare that the 2010 UNAA Constitution was invalid because it allegedly did not meet the minimum requirements of the Massachusetts State law. It must be noted that none of the members of the UNAA Executive that Musoke dragged to court had been on the UNAA Board of Directors at the time when the constitution was voted upon by the UNAA Membership. Mr. Musoke himself had run as a presidential candidate under the very constitution he was now opposing; albeit after losing the UNAA Presidential election.

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