Mbabazi Launches Fresh State House Bid

Mbabazi Launches Fresh State House Bid

By Henry Mulindwa

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has thrown the security apparatus into panic after information leaked suggesting that he has allegedly started covert recruitments.

Ironically, Mbabazi; who is also a former presidential candidate, is rumoured to have started with his former allies who defected to president Museveni.

He thinks they have obtained vital information now and wants them back!

This comes months after Museveni passed out 291 NRM youth cadres formerly belonging to Mbabazi but are now up in arms with him.

At the closure of that two-month retreat in Kyankwanzi recently, Museveni presented to these youths ministers Esther Mbayo [presidency], CDF Katumba Wamala and SFC boss Muhoozi Kainerugaba among others and said thus ‘these [youths] are my ambassadors, find where to place them’.

At the end of this retreat, the boys were given shs500000 each.

However, fresh information now indicates that the group is divided with some threatening to return to Mbabazi who has promised financial rehabilitation to them while others want Museveni to meet them.

Those threatening fresh defection claim they have been neglected on job placements as promised by the president.

Sources now tell us that this weakness on Museveni’s side is what the former premier is now tapping into to launch a surprise return.

“In politics, if someone humiliates you and thinks he has finished you, maintain contact with people because one day you will use them against that person” our sources privy to the details stated, adding that this is exactly what Mbabazi has reportedly embarked on and is busy re-establishing himself.

Red Pepper recently reported that Mbabazi had been given up to December 18/2016 to emerge out of his hide-out or else he faces a coup as Go-Forward leader.

Among possible replacements to him is Michael Mabikke.


The sophiscated Mbabazi of recent has been meeting foreign powers.

His foreign tours to major powers are allegedly aimed at holding meetings with strategic pillars in intelligence agencies of those countries.

“His main aim of such tours is to contact serious people in those countries to help him with covert trainings for young ideologists from Uganda. These young ideologists are supposed to train in matters related to media, public relations/propaganda, research, political intelligence and administrative management,” our sources stated adding that such trainings are meant to properly ideologically arraign his boys so that they cannot easily be swayed again by Museveni using his financial muscle as he did last year.

Mbabazi’s analysis of Museveni’s intelligence network is that; it is allegedly less visible on the ground during weekend days right from Friday evening up to Monday morning.

This weakness therefore, according to our sources, favours execution of a secret mission such as recruitment of people without detection since his [Museveni] men are either in happening places or have travelled to their country homes leaving their duty stations.

In fact, well-placed sources in Mbabazi camp told us that his boys used this weakness to confuse NRM delegates to sign Anti-Sole Candidature resolutions in the run up to the 20I4 delegates’ conference without detection.

It should be remembered that Mbabazi coordinator for Wakiso Ronald Sekitoleko Tumwine was the first to call all former NRM MP losers [NEC delegates] for a meeting at Bativa Hotel where they signed a resolution opposing the Sole Candidature resolution and that; all this went on behind the back of security until one of Mbabazi boys leaked the deal.

Our sources told us that following the humiliating defeat in recent polls, Mbabazi has this time decided to handle some of his political work personally which wasn’t the case last time when his kids and wife were managing almost every sensitive work for him.

“The family is unhappy with the poor performance of JPAM. They claim Mbabazi candidature was prematurely executed. Matters were made worse when Jackie fell sick yet she had been the one in regular interface with the Mbabazi cells across the country. However, he has now decided to involve himself fully in all his political activities,” our sources stated.

Our sources told us that security is now in total panic after information leaked suggesting that when he returned from abroad, Mbabazi allegedly tasked his confidante/wife Jackie to work closely with sister in law Hope Mwesigye and dig into his former cells and identify at first I50 people.

These people should however, be selected from his former strategic allies whom Museveni allegedly used and dumped like useless rugs.

We were told that after getting sensitive Mbabazi files from them which helped him dismantle his cells to win elections, some of the lethal boys were neglected yet they still hold sensitive files about Mbabazi grand plan.

Our sources told us that in every district, Mbabazi had appointed not less than seven top coordinators who are now being seen as potential targets for re-recruitment following his new resolve to go to state house.

We obtained the list of his former coordinators per district.

Top on this list of re-recruitment is Mbabazi’s former PRO and researcher Davis Kimuli and his group which went round the country registering people.

Sources said that Museveni met Kimuli and his group of four people but it seems some cracks developed between them along the way. Kimuli was part of Mbabazi’s Layer One code named as Bishops.

It is this panel where even his wife sat and did all screening of people that were to be recruited.

“Kimuli was actually the top strategist for Mbabazi’s invisible Al-Qaeda Layer One. The work of Layer One was to strategically plan and give guidance to the covert anti-Museveni campaign,” sources told us.


Three months before sacking Mbabazi on September I8/20I4 Museveni received critical intelligence suggesting that Kimuli Davis and his group including Dhikusooka Majid were continuing to injure the party by conducting covert operations.

As such, in May, he summoned the group including Dhikusooka, Kasiriivu and Nantamba.

The following month, he also met Adam Luzindana, Omodo Omodo, Shakur Walusimbi and Thomas Kategere.

We were told that there were attempts by Jackie to foil this meeting after learning that Kimuli; who was Mbabazi’s chief strategist had finally met the president.

“Jackie learnt of another meeting in which Museveni was supposed to meet Mbabazi coordinators from the north saying ‘Over my [her] dead body. I can’t give a damn. You mean all these boys have betrayed me? You go there [to meet Museveni], you are finished,” sources quoted a furious Jackie as saying then.

It was reported that in the intelligence briefs Museveni got, he was told that the most lethal person who needed to be produced was Kimuli because Mbabazi was using him to confuse NRM district chairpersons.

Museveni responded to this by immediately summoning him and later the district chairpersons to re-arraign them.

Sources told us that for Kimuli and his group to meet Museveni in Rwakitura wasn’t an easy matter.

The president tried all means to reach this alleged NRM terrorist Kimuli but all in vain.

He therefore issued orders to IGP Kale Kayihura to have these boys netted and produced before him.

Within no minute, their homes were surrounded by security and somehow, police’s loudmouth Felix Kaweesi got in touch with the Kimulis.

“I have orders to arrest you and deliver you before the end of today to the president,” sources quoted him as telling one of the boys on phone.

Upon getting these NRM terrorists including Mbabazi chief propagandist Kimuli, he alerted Kayihura who immediately arranged a meeting with the president.

The boys according to our sources were driven with their faces blindfolded to avoid detection.

They first made a stopover at Skyline Hotel in Lyantonde before heading to Rwakitura.

Sources stated that they reached Rwakitura heavily guarded and masked and Museveni immediately chased away other people he had scheduled a meeting with so as to have time with these most wanted NRM terrorists.

The IGP then introduced them to Museveni saying, ‘mzee, these are the most dangerous of the Mbabazi group.

That’s why we don’t want even to show their faces.

This one is Kimuli their leader’ to which Museveni responded with a sigh of relief saying;

“Oooh, Kimuli, you are dividing the party? I am receiving intelligence reports from all over the country that you are dividing the party,” Sources quoted a terrified Museveni as telling the boys.

Because he had a trip to make to Angola, he asked IGP according to insiders to deliver these boys again when he returns.

“Bano abaana mbaagala very urgently. Kayihura, naye kati ngenda Angola but immediately I return, deliver them to me,” Museveni was quoted as telling Kayihura literally meaning that ‘Kayihura, I need more time with these boys when I return from Angola’

To prove how deadly the Kimuli group was, Museveni even had to order his state house staff to terminate any further meetings he had with other people and also warned against exposing the faces of these Kimuli terrorists.

“Please close your faces. They shouldn’t see you. Vijana [my boys], are there people still waiting to see me? Tell them meeting canceled. I don’t want them to see these people,” sources quoted Museveni as telling his SFC boys.

The NRM terrorists were then driven back to Kampala at a terrible speed.

Museveni Meets Kimuli Again

Our insiders stated that a week later, Museveni called for these boys.

IGP contacted them and the meeting took place at State house-Entebbe. In their meeting which lasted several hours and resulted into these boys leaking several files of Mbabazi, four major things were reportedly reached at between Kimuli group and Museveni.

One was that the group was supposed to go across the country demobilizing all Mbabazi cells.

Secondly, they were supposed to do think tanking/research for NRM and were supposed to report directly to Museveni, thirdly, holding periodic meetings with Museveni every after three months and a rehabilitation package for these boys including giving them jobs.

When the meeting ended, sources stated, the boys walked home with shs2m each and were allegedly handed over to Kayihura.

What is not clear though is whether they pocketed anything apart from the shs2m they bagged from state house.

“They explained to him [Museveni] everything and also handed to him several sensitive files but it seems they got a row deal. As Besigye is antagonizing NRM on the streets, Mbabazi is also doing clandestine work. The cells are still there, working. What people are doing is just conspiracy of silence as they wait for the next word,” sources warned.

We are also told that this very group is in constant touch with their contacts because they have the NRM yellow books, profiles of all NRM leaders among others.

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