Museveni to Stand Again in 2021

Museveni to Stand Again in 2021

By Henry Mulindwa

Meanwhile, we have it on proper authority that Museveni is returning in 2021.

His vote is going to be delivered through the coffee he is currently giving out.

Insiders told us that Museveni calculated that if every homestead plants coffee this year, by 2019, this coffee will be fruiting.

In case the prices for coffee are low, the NRM party will for the first time engage in trade by buying all this coffee at a higher price and in the process, all farmers will test/hit his much-desired middle income status.

“By 2020, farmers will be swimming in money. Coffee prices are going to be increased by 2019.

“The strategy is to have all homes plant coffee this year and next year. Since coffee takes three years to start fruiting, this is why Museveni is encouraging each home to plant coffee.

“The coffee will be called MUSEVENI COFFEE” sources explained adding that agriculture minister Vincent Ssempijja is under instructions to give out more coffee seedlings to farmers so that this target is achieved.

We are told this is why Museveni recently launched coffee planting in Luweero because this is going to be his 2021 winning magic just like he used it in 1996 when he defeated badly Paul Kawanga Semogerere after raising coffee prices in the period between 1993-5.

After that boom, farmers lost interest in coffee because prices have since remained annoying to date.

On top of that, sources said Museveni wants to leave power after next kisanja and by encouraging growth of coffee, he wants this to be his personal legacy to all homesteads in terms of promoting wealth in individual families.

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