Mbabazi Sneaks Into M7’s Kitchen

President Museveni’s political kitchen has been infiltrated by female spies allegedly loyal to fired Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s camp.

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We have learnt that the fired premier has allegedly planted several spies almost in all planning units of the president with a view of getting first hand information regarding the plans being devised.

The spies according to sources attend inner meetings both at NRM secretariat and various NRM leagues and relay secret information to Mbabazi regularly.

The latest group to be infiltrated according to insiders is the NRM women’s league which his wife Jacqueline used to lead but suffered a secret coup recently.

We have been informed that Mbabazi wife Jacqueline revealed this espionage against the president while talking to NRM women’s league members.


On Tuesday last week, Jacqueline Mbabazi survived arrest at imperial Royale on orders of president Museveni.

We have exclusively learnt that there was commotion among the organizers of this women’s league meeting led by Susan Muhwezi.

Apparently, Jacqueline was not officially informed of this meeting but through her spies who sit on the executive, she was properly briefed on what was going on right from the beginning to the day itself.

Even whatever communication the president makes and is discussed within this group, the Mbabazi moles leak it.

As such, a plan was hatched where Jacqueline was supposed to storm the meeting though uninvited!

When she arrived, there was commotion.

Her plan according to sources was to cause a scene at the entrance only to lose out after learning that a few journalists had been invited.

Actually, those invited according to sources were Red Pepper, Observer, Monitor, New Vision and NTV but only New Vision turned up! When she turned up, security [SFC] immediately called president Museveni who hadn’t arrived yet and briefed him on what was happening.

It was at this moment that Museveni picked his phone and swiftly called Susan Muhwezi to inquire about Jacqueline’s presence and way forward.

“Susan, I am told Jacqueline is there,” Museveni asked Susan according to sources.

Susan responded in affirmative.

“Yes sir. She hasn’t entered yet. What should we do?” she reportedly asked Museveni who responded to allow her enter but be closely monitored.

“Is she causing any scene there? If she isn’t, let her in. But let her sit among ordinary delegates. She shouldn’t sit on the high table because she wasn’t part of the organizing committee for this meeting. If she makes commotion in the meeting, block her and throw her out” Museveni was quoted as telling Susan on phone.

At this juncture, Jacqueline was still outside battling SFC boys.


Susan then reached out to Jacqueline and explained what was going on in respect to the meeting.

“Madam Jacqueline, you know we organized this symposium as women leaders of NRM women’s league. It has got a program and an agenda,” Susan was quoted explaining to Jacqueline who immediately retorted saying “Susan, who are you? Who do you call yourself?”

At this juncture, Susan reportedly opened her eyes widely and looked straight into Jacqueline’s face before assuring her that “I am Susan Muhwezi the one you know well. I am Susan Muhwezi,” she reportedly assured her!

Jacqueline wasn’t done, she retorted that “You called this meeting as who?” to which Susan ignored and told her that “please enter if you are entering”

It was at this moment that Jacqueline finally entered the room and started greeting women leaders saying “hullo, how are you? Where do you come from? I am Jacqueline Mbabazi the chairperson of the women’s league and wife to Hon. Amama Mbabazi, the former Prime Minister of Uganda and NRM Secretary General”


As they continued to give a general background to this meeting, Jacqueline asked why she wasn’t invited.

But before resuming her ‘back-bench’ seat, she let the cat out of the bag indicating how she and her husband are regularly getting whatever is being prepared in Museveni’s political kitchen.

She said, for example, they had some agents on the women’s league who keep updating them on the goings on in this crumbling league!

“You didn’t include me in the preparations for this meeting but my husband and I have been getting daily updates regarding your plans through one of the executive members on this committee. She is doing a good job,” she was quoted revealing something which left the organizers shocked and started pointing fingers at one of the members from northern Uganda as being a Mbabazi spy!


When he entered, Museveni started by spotting Jacqueline from among the ordinary delegates.

He pretended as though he didn’t know anything about her predicament yet according to insiders, he knew about her sitting behind.

He thus asked Susan to give way for Jacqueline to sit and this marked the end of drama about Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Mbabazi  meets Museveni at Imperial Royale hotel in Kamapala
Jacqueline Mbabazi meets Museveni at Imperial Royale hotel in Kamapala

Though she sat in the meeting, Jacqueline was by all ways isolated to the extent that she never even presented any paper to this meeting yet all members were given topics to present.

However, some like Ngora woman MP Jaclyn Amongin dodged chickened out on presenting papers and she avoided this by tactfully turning herself into a moderator! Amongin who acts as the secretary to the league was supposed to present a paper on Law and Policies in Uganda but she dodged this; leaving members in total shock!

Other members who were given topics were Susan Muhwezi who presented a paper on successful women on the globe, Lillian Kamugara [public speaking, lobbying and advocacy], Phoebe Otaala [Candidates], Juliet Najjuma [Mentoring and best practices for women in leadership], Christine Muhindo [database for women] among others. Out of the 11 members, it was only Jacqueline Mbabazi who didn’t present a paper! The NRM deputy SG Richard Todwong was also supposed to present a paper on Winning Strategies for NRM in 2016!


When the meeting ended, the organizers summoned an informal meeting to inquire about who among themselves was spying for Mbabazi.

They started accusing themselves but all fingers went against one of the league members from the north.

The meeting ended with financial bruises onto Jacqueline’s pocket as she went without brown envelops

We have confirmed that during the planning, there was a scuffle as some members wanted regional chairpersons to handle finances for delegates from their region.

President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.
President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.

Susan Muhwezi, who was Museveni’s point’s person in charge of finances opposed this idea fearing that some bosses would pocket part of the allowances for delegates just like it was the case in Namboole meeting when even scribes were allegedly terribly cheated on their shs400000 allowances and instead pocketed a mere shs100000!

Susan then picked two people including Najjuma [publicity] and host Kamugara Lillian [Kampala region] and herself.

They sat in a quiet office and started assembling envelops for all delegates according to their districts and regions.  By the time delegates came, everything had been put to order.

The envelops for scribes according to sources were strictly five but their whereabouts is still a mystery as the boss who was handed with it reportedly vanished with them!

In total, president Museveni coughed shs54m for this meeting to take place and that is how cash was sub-divided though he later [through] Susan added some dime to enable delegates spend a night in town.

“All members were given per-diem expect Jacqueline. She wasn’t given envelop because she wasn’t budgeted for. All monies were packed according to districts and regions. It was done according to numbers and there was no balance. Jacqueline never participated in organizing this meeting” sources stated.

Interestingly, the league has earlier on failed to agree on whether to invite MPs who are district women chairpersons of NRM.

Some forces in the committee wanted their vice chairpersons to be invited but MPs fought so had through one of the league executive members to also attend this meeting where they were given shs250000 each!

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