Mbabazi To M7: I Have Seen A Snake Swallow A Cow

Amama Mbabazi addressing a Press conference

Independent presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has sent a chilling response to president Museveni saying his softness does not mean he is weak.

Amama Mbabazi addressing a Press conference
Amama Mbabazi addressing a Press conference

Mbabazi said his softness is strength. “Softness is not a weakness. It is strength. I have seen a snake swallow a cow.”

Responding to Museveni’s Sunday comments directed at him and supporters on Ntungamo fight that “If you go and put your finger in the anus of a leopard, you are in trouble,” Mbabazi implored Museveni to desist from using crude language.

“The president should stop being crude. What kind of president uses such language? I want to appeal to the president to mind his language. I am appalled by that language,” he said adding, “You have not heard me abuse anyone or use crude language. Some people think I’m soft. In softness there’s strength.”

He described police raid on his offices as a ‘sad day on our democratic process’.

He said among those arrested were cleaners and supporters.

Mbabazi wondered why police is not arresting those ‘who wanted to burn my car or who threw stones at my car’ in Ntungamo.

On absence from campaign trail, he said “We are going back on the drawing board to see how we shall manage a campaign full of violence and abuse of state authority.”

On Daily Monitor opinion polls, he said “It doesn’t reflect the truth on ground. Ignore it. It is propaganda.”

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