Mbidde Defends Kezaala Defection

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DP Vice President Mukasa Mbidde has defended the move by his party National Chairman Mohammed Kezaala to abandon the DP post in order to serve as Deputy Ambassador under President Museveni’s government.

Kezaala’s move has been criticized by many as a culmination of political deal making many DP leaders have been suspected of.

Many in DP have decried it as a defection to NRM despite efforts by Kezaala calling it “accepting a job in the Public Service.”

In a social media message that has been widely circulating on DP and UYD social media forums, Mbidde seems to side with Kezaala praising him as his political ally since his days at Makerere. Instead of dismissing Kezaala as unprincipled like many like MP Medard Segona have been doing, Mbidde blames the whole confusion on Ugandans’ low levels of political sophistication and comprehension.

He paints a picture that what Kezaala has done is normal political practice except that Ugandans have lately been used to misconstruing political events in their own way.

Many DP youths have reacted to Mbidde’s views with frustration with many questioning the wisdom of continuing to belong to such a party. Below we reproduce Mbidde’s congratulatory message to Kezaala with all its original mistakes:


To My brother, Your Worship,
Chairman Emeritus
Keezaala Muhammed

I have for long worked with you , adored you and been friends with you even when our aspirations appeared at loggerheads .

There are forces that have often worked to break this camaraderie between us but that’s their way of political behaviour that has consistently defined their poor political results.

I remain respectful and greatful for your contribution to the Party as a whole and to my political success since the commencement of my political journey at Makerere University .

I know that you have gone but your spirit shall consistently be invoked by us in order for the Party to resolve it’s contradictions and maintain its strengths .
This is to congratulate you and accordingly wish you well in your new assignment .

In Uganda , we are still suffering from a low relative political maturity of the masses , the opposition cannot differentiate between “Government and Country ” Go and serve our country because we don’t oppose this country , we oppose government but do not fight it . , we just propose ourselves as a better alternative and we continue to invisage a moment when we are in government and the current leaders are in the opposition but not in exile.

I will continue to work for that , I will continue to consult you and I will visit you when I return from Arusha where i am currently till Wednesday.

Your Departure hurts us but we are proud that you will be the very example of excellent service where you have gone. I have written this believing it will find you in good health.

Greetings to my sister home. I will visit soon. Accept the assurances of my highest regard. Mukasa Fred Mbidde -MP

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