Meddie Drags Mbuga to Police, Sues Wife Vivian

Mbuga with Birungi at their introduction ceremony

Looks like city jail king Meddie Ssentongo has a score to settle with South Africa based sangoma Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga and his wife Angela Vivian Birungi.

Mbuga with Birungi at their introduction ceremony
Mbuga with Birungi at their introduction ceremony

Latest info reaching this gossip desk is that Meddie has dragged Mbuga to police and also sued the latter’s wife Vivian.

According to sources, the two dudes are said to have secretly been having an ego fuelled feud and have been exchanging words.

It was during one of these exchanges that have been going on for over a year that Mbuga threatened to finish off Meddie.

As a result, Meddie filed a case of ‘Threatening Violence’ against Mbuga recently at Central Police Station (CPS) registered under reference SD/5/10/1/2916 that was filed in room 46.

According to the source inside police, Meddie told the recording officer that he decided to file the case after several receiving several verbal threats from Mbuga to finish him off.

It however remains unknown how the biff between the two started but Mbuga has been claiming that Meddie defrauded him yet the latter insists that he has never dealt with the former.

In a related development, it has also emerged that Meddie has dragged Mbuga’s wife Vivian to the courts of law for the false allegations she has been making against him.

It should be noted that a few weeks back, Vivian dragged Meddie’s name in her drama with Mbuga and sangoma Chris Gitawo Cameroon when she claimed to have been with him yet she was in South Africa.

“Fellow Ugandans it’s very hurtful to wake up and you find that someone is trying to tarnish your name with lies like as if she/he is under a mission of no purpose. Am talking about one Vivian a.k.a SK Mbuga’s fiancé’s recording with Bukedde. I am assuring these people that am ready to fight you in court for tarnishing my name” Meddie warned on his Facebook wall after the incident.

Last Friday afternoon, Meddie’s lawyers Masembe, Makubuya, Adriko, Karugaba & Ssekatawa Advocates (MMAKS Advocates) to serve the Sweden based babe with intention to sue if she continues to maliciously accuse him.

“We act for Mr. Mohammed Ssentongo on whose instructions we address you as hereunder; We are instructed by our client that you are making extremely disparaging and false allegations against him. We have had sight of Newspaper interviews and reports where you indicate our client defrauded you of colossal sums of money which is false. In consonance with your spouse Ms. Vivian Birungi, you have additionally recorded videos on social media making outrageous allegations against out client. Please be advised that in case you are aggrieved by our client’s conduct, you are at liberty to seek legal redress from relevant authorities” reads part of the letter addressed to Vivian through Mbuga.

The pair was also warned to desist from such behaviour otherwise face criminal prosecution against them under the Computer Misuse Act.

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