Michael Ross Relocates To Makindye Trenches

Micheal Ross

You can easily tell that you are unlucky when music and money fail to maintain their relationship with you, and that is exactly fading singer Michael Ross.

Micheal Ross
Micheal Ross

According to impeccable sources, the ‘Yoyo’ singer was recently evicted from his rented Muzigo in Makindye over accumulated rent fares.

Apparently, the singer had spent several months without clearing his dues and the amount had totaled up to 2million and the Landlord was already tired of his lame excuses.

After being booted, sources say Michael Ross has nowhere to sleep with some snoops saying he may be spending some nights in bars, Swangz studio and Makindye trenches.

The financial challenges are said to have resulted from the music drought in his life since he no longer gets singing gigs

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