Miki Wine Challenges Bebe Cool To Visit Mandela


Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool.

The Kamwokya based Fire Base crew have dared  the Gagamel boss Bebe Cool to go and visit former south African president Nelson Mandela whom he claims to be friends with.

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool

Since last Thursday, Miki, a brother to the Ghetto President has been on Bebe’s neck daring him to fly to south Africa since he calls himself big-size.

In one of his face book posts, Miki Wine wonders if Bebe has gone to check on his South African friend. ‘Embwa ya Gagamel ngatenagenda kukyalira besti we e South??’ read the post.

A few years back, Bebe Cool performed at a Nelson Mandela concert from where he claimed to have a close relationship with the former president.

Miki wine and Bebe cool have been on bad terms ever since they had a fight last year at Club Silk. Watch the space for Bebe’s response.


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  1. once you engage your self in a fight with a mad person then you are presumed to be mad,bebe don’t waste your time that could be used to develop gagamel on this little drug addict,failure and useless boy just like his stage name “mike wine,omunance”any way for his information your person ties to mandela will remain a fact then him with who apart from his ghetto brother any way like they say president of uganja madness in the entire family……………

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