Minister Nantaba Sued Over Alleged Trespass

State minister for lands Idah Nantaba

Idah Erios Nantaba, the state minister for lands is in trouble for alleged trespass on a contested piece of land in Kireka, a Kampala Suburb. City businessman Frank Twiine has dragged the minister to the Lands division.

In his suite, Twine alleges that on 4th April 2013, without any notice or lawful authority, Nantaba while in the company of other unidentified people went to the said land and demolished his fence, took iron sheets, fencing poles and building materials.

State minister for lands Idah Nantaba
State minister for lands Idah Nantaba

They allegedly constructed a two bed-roomed house for 77-year-old Kevina Nantume, who is involved in a land dispute with him. The minister is jointly sued with Nantume. Nantume had earlier confided in the minister saying that she legally inherited the contested land from her aunt Mary Namagembe. She accused the businessmen of fraudulently acquiring her plot. But Twine argues that the illegal and wrongful actions of both the accused amounted to trespass and conversion for which, he holds them jointly and severally liable.

Twine is now seeking court orders declaring that the minister and Nantume wrongly trespassed on his plot measuring 0.007 decimals. He is further seeking court orders declaring that the minister and her servants illegally and wrongfully destroyed and converted his property on the suit property including a fencing material. Twine also wants court to declare him the rightful owner of the contested land.

However, court documents seen by our report indicated that the woes on the contested land begun in 1989 shortly after the death of Mary Namagembe, the aunt to Nantume. Letters of administration to the estate of the late Namagembe were granted to the administrator general by High court. Nantume, who is now claiming ownership of the contested land, unsuccessfully attempted to claim the land but lost to the administrator general. The administrator general then sold the piece of land in 2006 to Abel Nkoreki.

The administrator general distributed the proceeds of the above sale amongst the beneficiaries of the estate of the late Namagembe. Nantume received her share of the sale proceeds but later attempted to refuse to surrender the plot Nkoreki. The matter was referred to high court in 2007, which ordered her to vacate the land. After receiving the land Nkoreki sold it to Frank Twiine last year at Shs 300 million.

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  1. I find this lady’s actions wanting, no wonder many have always considered her an o,level drop out

  2. No more rule of law in Uganda! I would have expected her to sue the man first on behalf of the old woman before taking the law into her hands!This premitive! I remember H.E., evicting a businessman in Natete in the similar maner but the guy got back his plot after he had left!

  3. That is how we used to behave when we were fresh from the Bush ! It is the Bush mentality disturbing her.

  4. what do you expect from her anti kamere ka mukulu she now thinks she is above the law

  5. Am not surprised!No wonder she recently tried to evict a Tororo business man from his property even after the high court had made a ruling that he was the rightful owner of the said Building!This woman is a disgrace to the ruling government!

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