MPs Return Shs5M Facilitation for Marriage and Divorce Bill Consultation

Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko

Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko also returned the money
Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko also returned the money

William Nzoghu, the Busongora North MP has returned the five million shillings given to each legislator to consult on the Marriage and Divorce Bill 2009. Waving the 50,000 shillings notes at Parliament on Monday morning, Nzogu said that he was not contented that the money he had received was genuine money. The MP who belongs to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change said considering the morals which he has grown up with, he cannot take the money.

He also pointed out the fact that the Ugandan economy is bleeding and Civil servants such as police officers, nurses and teachers have not received their salaries for the last three months.

Recently, President Yoweri Museveni directed the clerk to Parliament to facilitate each MP with five million shillings to ease their movement in the constituencies as they consult on the marriage and divorce Bill.  With a total of 386 MP’s, government has spent 1.9 billion shillings. The Busongora MP says this is part of the trillions of money stolen from government and he shall not be part of the circus. He questions whether that money is not double payment which MP’s cannot account for.

Nsereko Muhammad, the Kampala Central MP also returned the money. He showed URN a copy of the receipt from parliament acknowledging receipt of the money. The MP says the five million shillings would pay at least 15 civil servants. However, majority of the MP’s were happy to receive the money saying it was long overdue, adding that they had already spent more money during the consultations.

These include Geoffrey Ekanya, Betty Amongin, Besasira Ignatius, Naome Kabasharira and Jacob Wangolo among others. At the main entrance of Parliament the police officers manning the security kept looking at the stash of money being waived by the MPs as they jokingly stated that they wished they were paid. Members of Parliament from the ruling National resistance Movement were last week summoned by President Museveni to attend a caucus currently taking place at State House Entebbe over the same Bill.

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2 thoughts on “MPs Return Shs5M Facilitation for Marriage and Divorce Bill Consultation

  1. Un less our MP (Kla Central) is confused,we need to be consulted more esp on such a contetius marriage bill.The masses know nothing,instead use that very money to enlighten the consituency the contents of the bill.
    Let’s stop cheap popularity all the time.We need a representantive in parliament and at the same time at the grassroot.

  2. Let All MPs return the 5 million shillings gift dished to them for the Marriage and divorce Bill Freely and willingly to prove that are Patriotic as the NRM ALWAYS SINGS.

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