Zari with her ride

Zari and Ivan(R) with their latest ride

South Africa based socialite and singer Zarinah Tlale has acquired  a Lamborghini which is estimated to have cost close to $280,000. The diva and his on and off husband Ivan ssemwanga a renown sports philanthropists boast of a fleet of expensive cars which include a BMW-2006, Black Chrylser-2008, Audi Q7-2010 among others.

Speaking to Red Pepper online from South Africa, Zari confirmed the development. She however declined to talk about her relationship with Ivan.

“ am not answering personal questions, am still based in SA where I have been for the past 13years. Its xmas season i don’t have major plans rather than spending time with my family especially my mom and kids” she said

Zari with her ride

Zari made headlines recently when she hooked city Casanova and basketball giant Isaac Lugudde .

Sources close to Zari say that she decided to end her brief public fling with Isaac after Ivan reportedly bought a multi-million yacht in South Africa  for his Christmas boat cruise in Uganda. Indeed Zari and Ivan are organizing a boat cruise for Kampala’s  Crème de la Crème this Christmas season

Ivan had also said that if Zari took him back, he would buy her the latest white Rolls Royce as a thank you gift. It now looks like she settled for a Lamborghini

Ivan Semwanga is the father to Zari’s three sons. They had a lavish introduction ceremony in Kampala early this year.

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52 thoughts on “Zari Acquires lamborghini

  1. Anyone can have a photo taken beside such a car but that does not mean they own it. I bet you the girl in red shoes has also sent her photo elsehwere claiming that she owns the car.

  2. Kati the people around the car look impressed! Africa wake up…..become busy by getting things to do.
    I live in the western world where people don’t have time to look at any model of a car at the street.
    Zari how much do you pay for the publicity? I also just bought a new suit at Oxford street in London and I want People to know the cost and what the Suit looks like.
    And I’m to educated too……

    1. Ben get a life men, I really wonder what western world you are living, b’coz the west pple know is totally different from your mumble. its n the west where pple talk about celebrates, auto graphs, & the likes. The likes of Paris Hilton r followed even till their toilets. If she once says her great body shape or looks r due to drinking pee o eating shit, the next day you will find pple doing so. Mbu I live in the western world… May be you should have said the western world lives in you Ben.

      1. My witless friend, i dare you to show me a celebrity posing like these clowns next to a ‘new purchase’! Please find and copy us in a picture of the mentioned Paris posing with a car. Celebrities are followed, they dont take pictures with rentals and then pay the media to publish them! Would you pay for Ivan’s autograph?..can he actually write??Listen to Ben, you could learn a thing or two, clearly you have never left your Kinamukaka village!

  3. Uganda is full of comedians, why on earth do I have to lean against a car and invite camera men to take pictures?

    1. franco coz u don’t ve such a car yet, belive me if u get to that status, u don’t need 2 call cameras but cameras will be calling u.

  4. Zari and Ivan try too hard to tell Uganda they are wealthy. If a person is wealthy they don’t have to say anything to anyone or take pictures of themselves to post on facebook or a social site because their wealth will speak for itself without them showing off or saying anything about it.

  5. So Many possibilities. It May be true as stated above but it could also be;
    1-A pal’s ride or anybody who doesnt mind taking poses and shots
    2- Could be a second hand which is overpriced
    3-Could be a stolen Product
    You know people who are in show off bitz Can do any thing just to pull a stunt!

  6. Max, because u have not seen, kakati okiriza ki? motoka? man wake up………………………

  7. This looks more like taking pictures at a car show or somebody’s car off the street considering that the girl in red shoes also seems to be having some Kodak moment and will write back home to confirm that she bought a Lamborghini.. Wait a minute she might even mention the model of some Japanese car considering that she is just posing on it. Nice pose Zari…

  8. There is no way a man who wears purple pants can afford a lamborghini. Those cars are packed in public squares allover the western world for product promotions. Anybody can have their photo taken with the car…just like Zari and the lady in red shoes have done. Any claims can be made thereafter. But Zari is shockingly cheap…although beautiful!

    1. So desperate for attention that she parted ways with common sense! In any case what is she out to proove? Or is she diverting attention away from something.

  9. cheap popularity..dey kol demselves celebrities bt dey r still backward…hw abt if i also take apic standing on my BMW X5? Ben u said it well my brother…

  10. What Zari is doing, is to show Ugandans that YOU can make it too
    Ugandans YOU don’t to throw bad comments at her you need only work hard that you can own one .
    So Ugandans stop taking everything alwayz in bad faith
    wama zari doyour thing………….Respect Lets all work hard to achieve what Zari has today
    thank you……………….

    1. Jonathan, there are other ways of showing Ugandans that you can achieve what Zari or Ivan has today. If they ask you how you made it you can talk about how you made your money. Ivan and Zari just show off, constantly in tabloids about their “latest purchases”. There are many Ugandans who are richer than Ivan and Zari. I will give you two examples that are known to Ugandans, Sudir and Wavamuno. You don’t see Sudir and Wavamuno posing with their cars or property in photos. I could easily do what Ivan and Zari do by showing off my latest purchases or what I own in photos, but I don’t cause I choose to be modest and keep the info to myself. If you see my latest purchases or what I own fine, if you don’t see my latest purchases or what I own its not the end of my life or your life, it doesn’t make me any less of a person, it doesn’t make you any less of person. Ivan and Zari shouldn’t try too hard to be liked by Ugandans or anybody.

  11. Yusuf is right. The girl in the read shoes is doing exactly the same thing Zari and entourage are doing…. posing next to a display car.

    It is no big deal here. I’ve seen more expensive rides at car shows here in the US. They will even let you sit at the stirring wheel.

    Enough of this narcissism.

  12. What people in Uganda forget is that in South Africa someone can buy a car on credit and keep paying monthly premium for up to 5years. So years if the car is theirs congs,but do they have the LOG BOOK for it.

    Dont you guys think if it was theirs they would have already shipped it to uganda for atleast a week to show off LIVE IN KAMPALA

  13. 1. Can you see a guy behind wearing a name tag; now that is an official at the motor show
    2. Do you see a lady putting on blue uniform kind of holding a phone; now that a security official at the motor show
    3. Can you see a guy in a white shirt and blue trouser; in fact holding a baton, a second male security official at the motor show.
    4. You can see and up coming village berry putting on newly acquired blue jean and red shoes posing like any other village babe would pose for photo during xmass on cars from Kampala.
    5. Now that yellow chick is fit to go and perform with AMARULA FAMILY back home in AKABADI KOMWAKA 2012

  14. Interesting! Think about it, theirs or not, why the extra efforts to impress? I mean, honestly, I have NEVER seen Bitature, Mukwano, the Madhivanis….who even own private jets and own airfields try so so hard to make a wealth statement! Actually, the more wealth they’ve accumulated, the more humble they’ve become in the public eye!

    I was watching Sudhir yesterday on NBS Tv elaborating on how far he’s come and what it entails. I wonder what Zari and Ivan would have said had they been in his shoes!!!! If these guys really want to have the tabloids all over them in Ug, let them heavily invest here and not ship their investment stories from S.A, create better PR and rapport with the public and media and believe me, they will actually get fed up of true celebrity and media attention than pushing and paying for it!!!!

    Case rested but thank then for trying!!!

    1. Roy, I didn’t watch the interview u are talking about but if Sudhir ever mentioned that he was once arrested in the 80’s smuggling dollars out of the country by then Jim Muhwezi (Police) then I believe his & your story.Most of them would love to be in Zari’s shoes but they are afraid of Mama Kagina coming after them. At the end of the day, they all the same.

    2. Roy, i agree with you entirely, when is the last time you saw an actual Billionaire taking pictures next to his used approximately 8-10 year old car, (with an 80% inflated price) for the papers? It shows you that money cant buy class and no matter how hard these chaps try, they simply cant seem to escape the villager in them!

  15. Does she intend to put it on our roads? Hope our sharp eyed camera men will spot her ”submarining” through our frequent kla floods? hahaha

    1. hehehehehehee Kafumisi yo right. kampala floods are not lenient on low ride vehicles. the Lamborghini value will also depreciate faster on ugandan roads because there so many potholes the size of cars and most bumps are taller than a Lamborghini. Every time they see a bump in their Lamborghini they might have to go on the side because the Lamborghini is sitting on the floor and isn’t as high off the ground as the bumps. Lamborghinis aren’t made for pothole roads or high bumps. If they were driving the Lamborghini in a country where they don’t have high bumps or potholes like Uganda, then its okay.

  16. Guys, those of you blame Zari n Ivan for their media stance, should look at your selves first. Its u & me making them do this. you are obsessed with knowing whats happening in other pple’s lives & 4getting your own, otherwise non of you would be bothered or commenting jealously about this misrable couple. The mere fact that you read or comment about this article shows how interested you are in knowing what Zari drives, eats, dresses, how much she makes, who she sleeps with or kisses & so on. If you are so disgusted with Zari’s show off as most of you say, then stop following her FB page or Twits or reading articles about her life. In that, you will start minding about your own lives, other than that, Jealousy will kill lots of you.

    1. I don’t follow Ivan or Zari on Facebook or twitter because they are what I wrote in my other comments on this page. There is nothing to be jealous about of this couple. I wouldn’t want my children to behave like Zari or Ivan. If Sudir and Wavamuno or any person behaved like Zari or Ivan I wouldn’t like them either. Why do Zari and Ivan announce to the public what cars or property they have bought? And how does it benefit the public? Zari and Ivan seem to think the public won’t like them if they don’t announce the cars or properties they bought. We the public are constantly bombarded with Zari and Ivan’s life in the Ugandan media. So should Ugandans stop reading new vision and the monitor because Zari and Ivan is in the newspapers? No. I know this is redpepper but I replied to the article because Zari and Ivan need to understand their constant showing off is causing most Ugandans to lose respect for them and not like them.

  17. But Bukedde a few back published that Ivan had bought a 2bn UGX car which was a lamborghini. Here, they say Zari acquired one. Bibuzabuza.
    What colour are Ivan’s pants? Purple? Kika

  18. Omar Mandela drives a RAV 4 J. UAS series. A man of his achievement just so humble. He will definitely last. Shall we see the ‘helicopter’ land in Nambole ever again.

  19. Wow…come on Ug lets get some work done, yes celebs are followed and sorrounded coz an autograph lets say from is worth ur monthly wage home boy, but stare at 2003 lambo hehe,,,,ur funny mate…in the west we dont kutijisa bumotoka…

  20. Waaa that car was in a show room some where in dubai and “she” just took a pose besides the car local swag,

  21. This is lovely Zari and congs. Keep thanking GOD for all that u have achieved, give back to God and help the poor. If you do that trust me God will protect yo’ wealth and give you more. My only request please get yo’ private life out of media. Living an expensive,simple life will take you miles.

  22. Yusuf u rite men, the gal in red can also post pics claiming she owns the car. WHY?????????

  23. It reminds me of the Biblical ‘Good Samiritan’…….He would not have been known just for the ‘good’ intentions,Noooooo He had Money as Well!!
    Discuss the view that Acts of “good” faith from the wealthy are not acts of serenity but publicity stunts.
    I think the Department of Sociology in some of our treeasurable academic institutions can rephrase this into a topic of……….!!

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