Mosh sexually Tortured, Moans Like A Cow


All did not go well for the Galaxy FM presenter and famous MC Mr. Mosh on Friday last week after he was subjected to sexual torture sessions by singer Lydia Jasmine.

Mosh Moaning like a cow after being tortured sexually Photo: Amon T Buwembo

After settling at Hotel Africana for the best of Radio and Weasel launch that night, Mosh was ambushed by the gorgeous Jasmine who wasted no time and started giving him wet imaginations.

Sitting on his laps, Jasmine was seen on several occasions trying to avoid the eagle-eyed snoops who had busted their hideout.

On various occasions, the emceeing guru was seen opening his mouth like a he-goat in what was speculated to be a quick orgasm.

Just like one would moan in their marital beds, Mosh was spotted trying to enjoy the moment by catching his breath, which was slowly being taken way by the gorgeous singer.


However, all this moment did not please Mosh’s workmate Haffy Powers who was in their proximity but had nothing to do other than gnash her teeth and swallow saliva.

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