Civil Society organisations have demanded action against an MP who recorded on tape advising men to beat up their wives.

And now the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has vowed to have the Parliamentary Committee on Rules, Discipline and Privileges investigate MP Onesmus Twinamatsiko, who said it was ok for a man ‘beat her somehow, to streamline her.’

MP Twinamatsiko was on TV over the weekend saying; “As a man, you need to discipline your wife. You need to, you know, touch her a bit; tackle her and beat her somehow, to streamline her.”

Now critics on social media have demanded Twinamastiko should apologise to victims of domestic violence while another group demanded the MP should seek therapy.

“Twinamasiko should make a public apology to all women who have experienced violence,” Diana Kagere of the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) told the BBC.

“He should do the honourable thing and withdraw that statement. It’s really a shock that a member of parliament would justify violence in any way. This is about crime.”

More than one in five women aged 15-49 have experienced domestic or sexual violence in Uganda, according to a government report published last year.

In an interview with BBC Focus on Africa, Twinamasiko said he has on occasion been slapped by his wife and that he has also slapped her once.

“I don’t mean beatings which cause injuries or death – but a slap – I would feel fine! Because it’s calling me to order. We would sit down and sort it out.

“I was slapped once by my wife and it was OK with me, because we sorted out our differences. I also slapped her once. She had wronged me.”


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3 thoughts on “MP In Trouble Over Wife BeatingTalk

  1. MP Onesmus Twinamatsiko needs psychatric examination, I don’t think a man can utter such disgusting statement in this 21 century
    He should be relieved of his job henceforth for glorified abused, it quite shameful!

  2. That MP needs a lesson ….It is unfortunate that Uganda Parliament has this kind of people who preach violence in a world where we are fighting domestic violence!!

  3. Rustic behaviour may not be forgiven, but when a whole legislator has such scatter brain, one wonders the quality of debate, and will such a man ever discuss the DRB with a heart? He is a die hard savage. Period

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