MPs Recommend Closure Of Mityana Mortuary


Members of parliament’s social services together with the Central Public Health Laboratory have recommended for immediate closure of Mityana Hospital Mortuary over its sorry state.


The Members who were on tour yesterday were shocked to find the mortuary run by casual workers who even lacked Mortuary equipment. The mortuary was found leaking, too small, and dirty with dead bodies piled on each other.

Joseph Nkojjo an officer of Central Public Health Laboratory calls for an emergency plan to build another mortuary because the current unit is a threat to workers heath and to the patients in the general hospital

Nkojjo notes that it is dangerous for workers to use bare hands while dealing with dead bodies.

Janet Musiime a patient also complained that the smell from mortuary was devastating and adds that patients are at risk of contracting disease from flies that come from the facility.

Mariam Nalubega, The Butambala district woman MP says that apart from the mortuary the hospital structures are all dilapidated and need a quick renovation before it crumbles on patients.

She also wants the general condition of the hospital improved through purchase of equipment and recruitment of medical personnel. She says this will ensure that patients get the best services when they visit the health center.

James Wobuya the anesthetic officer says the Epestad mackintosh oxford (EMO) used to paralyze patients for surgical operation has been in the hospital for three years but without use because it’s outdated and has no alternative at the moment. He also called for Ministry Of Health Support to save the hospital and equip it with new standard machines.

Doctor Lulume Bayiga the shadow minister for Health says the hospital was supposed to be renovated years ago by support from The World Bank but administrative bureaucracies at The Ministry Of Health thwarted the work. He adds that the state of the hospital is worrying.

The hospital administrator Vincent Kawooya says that the amount of money they are receiving each financial year keeps on reducing yet it’s not enough to for the smooth running of the hospital. He says low funding is responsible for sorry state and poor service delivery.

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  1. The this Movement Govt is splashing billions to buy votes and billions of aid money going into individual pockets at expense of locals…who needs them most!!. And by the way, for infrastructures to get dilapidated to such a extent, they would have gone through the years..;where were they that they are just realizing now?, Ugandans are really funny!

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