DRC Forces: Ugandans, Rwandans Fighting Alongside M23

M23 Rebels

Congolese government forces say they have captured some Ugandan and Rwandan Nationals fighting alongside the M23 Rebels in the DRC.

M23 Rebels
M23 Rebels

Olivier Hamuli, The Congolese government spokesperson said that up to 20 Ugandans and Rwandese fighting alongside the M23 rebels have so far been captured.

He further said that during the ongoing offensive against the M23 rebels, government forces have been able to dislodge the rebels from their territories especially in the areas of Rusthuru and that the offensive will continue up to when the m23 rebels are completely defeated.

Rivarly between the Congolese government forces and the M23 Rebels resumed two weeks back after the two parties failed to agree in the ongoing peace talks in Kampala.

The rebels insisted that amnesty should be extended to each and every rebel soldier upon the signing of the peace deal but the Congolese government insists that some of the m23 top rebel commanders should not benefit under the peace deal saying that they are responsible for crimes against humanity.

Recently DRC troops backed by those from South Africa and tanzania known as the UN intervention brigade have been fighting the M23 rebels and trying to push them away from the North Kivu Provincial Capital of Goma.

The renewed fighting comes at a time when the M23 rebels are calling for peace talks saying that they are committed to finding a peaceful solution to the war.

Uganda and Rwanda have for long been accused of supporting the M23 Rebels who have for the last two years been battling the Congolese government forces, but the two Countries have always vehemently denied the allegations.

Meanwhile the M23 rebels say that their withdrawal from the areas they held is tactical and that they will not hesitate to make a fresh advance on the Capital of Goma.

fierce fighting is still going between the Congolese government forces backed by the UN Intervention Brigade and M23 Rebels

The Congolese government forces are said to be battling for the control of Bunagana, a border town between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

M23 leader  Bertrand Bisimwa left Eastern DRC for Kampala today morning in an effort to meet the M23 delegation that is negotiating for peace with the DRC government.

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  1. I hope that those “Ugandans and Rwandans captured” are not like the ones we heard over BBC a couple of months ago who could barely pronounce a word in Kinyarwanda yet they claimed to be officers in the Rwandan Army. Any way, they retracted their statements immediately they were discovered.

  2. I wonder why a country like Uganda under president Museveni’s regime is interesting in fighting.
    And Rwanda can never pull an ear during the 1994 genocide.

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