MUBS singer Morgan dating ‘Baby Gloria’ praises her in a song

FEATURE | RedPepper Digital – Morgan Rak is a student at Makerere University and has released a hit song ‘Baby Gloria’. The song has caught the attention of many.  He is the boy of the moment. We talked to him about his sudden breakthrough. 

Briefly tell us who Morgan is?

Morga Rak is a vocal artist with a unique feel when it comes to Love SONGS.  A student at MUBS pursuing my BBA.

How did you know you could sing?

As you know during our primary schools especially p1 – p4  teachers used to take us out for MDD. I was among those kids who used to have a unique singing voice but shy.

So, the teacher always enticed me to practice. She could tell me, “Without you, we are going to lose. ” From those words, I mustered enough courage to be the leader. I used to have true natural music instincts that always set me apart.
In addition to that, I used to sing whenever I was doing any work at home. That was identified by my Bro-law. That’s how I started identifying myself as A musician.

Among all, why music?

To be honest, not all the things u do on earth are chosen. The passion we have for each other me and music is too natural. You can’t run away from who you are. I am music because I feel it everywhere, at any moment.  So we chose each other.

So you do music full time?

Apparently, am still studying. Pursuing my BBA at MUBS. So I don’t work.

Growing up, what was your character kind of?

Haha. Man, I used to stammer like an old machine. I was so inquisitive, who loved to be always a leader. I was intelligent with some friendly stubbornness. Sometimes I enjoyed being alone till now.

Well, let’s talk about your latest song…

My new song is called Baby Gloria. I wrote it myself produced by Nexo. Baby Gloria is that girl who has spent her loving energy on only me. She has never been with anyone in life so I don’t want to let her down. I feel duty-bound to fill her heart with joy, taking her to a place of her dream. That’s why I said  Baby Gloria, Njagala kubeera yo Warrior. I am “Warrior  Wa GLORIA”.

Wow, so what other songs have you created?

There is a jealous guy and Omululu all written by me still.

Rate yourself in the next few years..

I see myself getting 10/10 man.

Your greatest feeling?

First of all, am grateful to God for giving me such a strong- sweet voice. To be honest, am still investing. 

Your other plans?

I want to help the young talents who are still struggling.

And the challenges so far?

I have so many predicaments that I face as a musician. One is low capital to facilitate my career.  Finding the right people to work with. Most of them care about only money not delivering service. It’s really a tremendous predicament.

So with such a financial challenge, can you date a woman for money?

It really a shame if a guy dates a woman for money. Absolutely no and never.

Any management?

Apparently, I don’t have anyone. I am there for myself.

Your next five year plan?

With the true natural music instincts and the voice I have,  in 5 years I see myself a King of East Africa.

Last comment for your fans..

I want to thank all my fans for loving me. And I want to let them know that the of me is yet to come. I love them too.
You can get and listen to my latest  hit song here:

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