GAVI FUNDS: Mukula Found Guilty, To Spend Four Years In Jail

Mike Mukula was sentenced to four years in jail but later released. HRW says government’s patronage politics and lack of political will undermine the fight against corruption in Uganda

Mike Mukula
Mike Mukula

The verdict has been delivered. Former Junior Health Minister has been found guilty in connection to the mismanagement of sh1.6b GAVI funds.

The Anti- Corruption Court Chief Magistrate Irene Akankwasa gave the verdict on Friday afternoon at the Mabua Road based Court in Kampala and sentenced the former minister to four years in jail even though the flamboyant Soroti Legislator refunded sh240m he reportedly took from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunization (GAVI).

While delivering the ruling, Akankwasa agreed with the prosecution led by Jane Asubo that Mukula signed for the money, received it and only refunded it in three installments.  By this, prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mukula was guilty of the offense.

Initially, Mukula, together with Jim Muhwezi, Dr. Alex Kamugisha (primary health care) and Alice Kaboyo, a former State House employee were accused of swindling sh1.89b GAVI Funds. However, the trio were exonerated by the same Court.

Mukula has vehemently denied stealing the money saying he signed for travel on behalf of the First Lady Janet Museveni between February and October 2008 yet the monies had been allocated to facilitate advocacy programs in different parts of the country.

“First, I deny. I did not steal Shs210 million from the Gavi account. My clear recollection is that on 14th January 2005, at Imperial Resort Hotel in Entebbe, in a meeting with the First Lady of the Republic of Uganda, Mama Janet Museveni, a verbal request was made to me in person to help her source funding for her activities in mobilisation in the country for the good health of children, mothers and others.” Mukula told the Court last year.

The ruling NRM’s Vice President for Eastern Uganda who has not hidden his intentions about one day ruling this republic now has to deal with the bitter reality that he will spend four years at Luzira Maximum Prison.

According to his Lawyer Tibaijuka, Mukula is set to appeal the sentence.


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12 thoughts on “GAVI FUNDS: Mukula Found Guilty, To Spend Four Years In Jail

  1. Mukula, go there and spend your 4 years. every great leader has been ko in jail. When you come out, you will be more popular and win.

    1. Mike is innocent. Unfortunately those who took the money are now the ones prosecuting and judging him! Sacrificial lamb from Teso, May the Good Lord RESCUE and grant you PEACE.

  2. shouldn’t have built the house in Bugolobi and talked about the mafia that let you steal. You should have layed low. But I bet he won’t even do a year.

  3. Why Mukula………………????????????
    God Save Uganda…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Soroti People, What’s Yr Say about this….????
    You’ve been Wonied Time & time again that you Must Vote Wisely Now its in yr Backyard…!!

    1. Hi there Sam, i ‘ve not heard of any Ugandan minister sharing dims with local communities rather call upon MUKULA’S buddies who shared than calling poor soroti people who can’t access medical services. Stop involving innocent people in your forgeries at last. thx

  4. Sorry he deserves all that is coming to him- Mukula has been ‘eating’ since Idi Amin;s days, so spare me the tears and lock him up- if only it was 40 years not 4 sheesh!!!!

  5. I think Mukula has been chased away from the plate full of pilawo,now it has turned to be a family plate no one should intervene, as they strive to finish they should know that one time Luzira will be waving bye bye to Mukula and welcoming the so called people who think they own Uganda.I think we should have a black book to write their names down so that we dont forget when its their turn to pay a very very high price

  6. Slowly…by..slowly..u kill the Fox; Those who are still blind open ur eyes widely but carefully control ur tongues and smartly use the we stop cheap politics,proud for nothing ”that the first lady called me for a meeting”was it admnistrative, as per ur status by then!! If so, was it recorded, who signed the official documents, and u top officials in Gvt l thought u have enough IQ..!! in ur statment u say u were used without proof, then ur low IQ denied u..!! and refunding back the money, expressing ur good faith, that was no.1 evidence that u were guilty. Next-time get a smart lawyer. lam not judging Mukula,…….but he deserved it. To declare…for presidency..come 2016…that is not how politics is played…….it was not a soln, rather a menace.

  7. This has been selective, there are people in Uganda who have stolen so big and are freely driving on the streets of Kampala and are continuing to steal as they go scort free. Foe one, Mukula returned the said money…how about his colleagues! Irene Akankwasa you are playing double standards….how much money does Basajja owe Uganda. God will judge us harshly

  8. yes they did not, only they want this rotten regime to balance its act. justice which is lop sided breeds anarchy as is witnessed world wide. for sure that court sentenced not only soroti but the all the iteso.

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