Museveni Did Not Win The Election & He Knows It — Mabirizi

Joseph Mabirizi

Independent presidential candidate in the February 18th presidential elections Joseph Elton Mabirizi has claimed that president Museveni did not win elections and he knows it.

Joseph Mabirizi
Joseph Mabirizi

“Mr. Museveni did not win the election. He knows it. That’s why he has to keep Besigye under house arrest,” he posted on Facebook yesterday after visiting Kizza Besigye who is incarcerated at his Kasangati home.

Besigye, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate in the election has not been allowed to leave his home since the end of presidential elections.

Mabirizi said Besigye was “in high spirits. It seems the house arrest, if it was meant to break his will, has instead made him even more determined to push for the desired political change.”

He said the duo discussed wide range of issues related to the state of the nation and the contested and fraudulent 2016 election.

“This conversation shall continue in the days to come as we work towards establishing a legitimate government,” he noted.

Mabirizi is the only candidate that participated in the presidential elections who has vowed to join the FDC’s free my vote campaign requesting Ugandans to stay at home every Thursday.

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