Mbabazi Has No Evidence — NRM Lawyers

Lawyers representing president Museveni in the Supreme Court petition challenging his re-lection have argued that the petitioner, Amama Mbabazi lacks evidence to substantiate his claims.


Counsel Didas Nkurunziza, one of the lawyers representing president Museveni on Wednesday submitted that the proof from the petitioner should be beyond reasonable doubt.

“The standard of proof is well established, it is beyond reasonable doubt,” Nkurunziza said. “Other than the allegation in the affidavit of the petitioner, the petitioner did not produce any evidence to support the allegation.”

Nkurunziza said that the 1st respondent; “oppose this motion for being without merit” and asked “court dismisses it on cost.”

He stated that the issue raised by Amama Mbabazi that president Museveni and his agents with his knowledge and consent or approval gave a bribe of hoes to the voters of West Nile with intent that they should vote him lacks evidence.

“There is no evidence for this court that Museveni as candidate gave out hoes & therefore the allegation isn’t true,” Nkurunziza noted in his submission.

He argued that there was an on-going government program for the distribution of hoes throughout the country but with emphasis on Northern Uganda.

Nkurunziza also argued that the president remains a president whether he is at a campaign or not.

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