Museveni Speaks on Emyooga And Infrastructural Dev’t, Calls for Unity as Campaign Trail in Bukedi Climaxes

NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni speaks to party leaders

Busia – The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called for unity and slammed leaders that peddle the politics of identity.

Museveni challenged the NRM leaders and delegates to desist from the politics of identity along ethnicity and religious lines warning that they breed disunity.

President Museveni intimated on his days in the NRA liberation struggle to reflect on the dangers the politics of identity in ethnicity and religion in governing a country.

“I used to move with my boys from Teso and Bugisu. With my guns, I crossed through Busia and saw Ntare School boys that were working with customs and did not notice me. We were able to succeed as NRA because we did not care about your tribe or religion,” Museveni intimated.

President Museveni also revealed that NRM has been able to build strong institutions like the army, agencies, among others.

While address NRM Party leaders at Madibira Primary School on Tuesday, Museveni urged the party leaders to source for unity given the society shared similar challenges regardless of their religion or tribe.

Museveni also cautioned the youths against the use of drugs and immorality and focus on developing Uganda. He equally reassured the youth of Bukedi will be designated some funds to improve their livelihoods.

“The youths should know where their future is headed. Let them not simply sit back and do nothing about themselves but strive to build Uganda,” Museveni shared.

He intimated on the Emyooga initiative that will provide finance projects for the youths in carpentry, welding, leaders, among other special groups.  

On the growth of revenue, NRM presidential candidate said that collection had grown from a meagre UGX5BN in 1986 to UGX21 Trillion in present-day (2020)

“We have been able to raise revenue collections to over 4,000 times more than it was in 1986. From just UGX5Bn to UGX21Trillion,” said Museveni while mentioning the leading tax payers in Uganda such as MTN Uganda, among others.

On infrastructure, Museveni revealed that the NRM government has dedicated UGX6,000bn on roads across the country.

Uganda’s current political administration has prioritized road infrastructure development as one of the drivers of economic growth, thus contributing to the attainment of the National Development Plan II objectives of improved accessibility to markets and social services, reduced transport costs to stimulate production, competitiveness, improved trade, industrial growth and job creation.

Museveni also commissioned Mbale—Bumbobi—Lwakhakha road that is set to proceed through Bubulo-Busumbu up to Lwakhakha linking to Kenya and passing through 12 towns

“Cruising on the Mbale—Bumbobi—Lwakhakha road shortly after commissioning it. The road proceeds through Bubulo-Busumbu up to Lwakhakha linking to Kenya and passing through 12 Trading Centers. People should use this road to transform their lives,” Candidate Museveni revealed on his official Twitter account.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, President Museveni commissioned the UGX24.5Bn Modern Busia Main Market before proceeding to Madibira Primary School playground to speak to the Busia NRM party leaders.

The UGX24.5bn Busia Main Market is set to host 2,400 vendors dealing mainly in fish, agro-products, among others. And the market boasts of 1,200 facilities in storage units, stalls, lockups

Speaking to our reporter, Assistant Commissioner Geoffrey Ettedu, National Programme Coordinator – Markets and Agriculture Trade Improvement Programme (MATIP), revealed that the modern market is a value-addition facility for agro-products and constructed with joint funding.

“Busia Market was constructed under the Government’s Markets and Agriculture Trade Improvement Programme (MATIP) with funding from the government of Uganda and Arab Bank of Economic Development in Africa (BADEA),” said Ettedu.

The MATIP National Programme Coordinator disclosed that Busia Main Market also comprises space for the Information and communication technology- ICT room, CCTV, Bank, kindergarten, pharmacy and clinic.

Implemented through the Ministry of Local Government, Markets and Agriculture Trade Improvement Project (MATIP) was set up to contribute to the agricultural Chapter of the NDP specifically towards improved market access and infrastructure development.

Ettedu revealed that Busia is one of the seven (7) markets that will be commissioned as the government moves to prioritise development and cultivating value addition.

President Museveni, while commissioning Tororo Central Market, intimated that he had received reports that the vendors decried the number of floors design

Busia Main Market falls under USD 93.73Million MATIP-II (second) phase focusing on improving marketplace infrastructure, adding value and facilitating trade (including capacity building) in nine municipalities and two urban communities located in the four regions of the country.

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Other markets under MATIP II include Entebbe (Kitoro), Masaka, Mbarara, Arua, Moroto (Lopedru), Soroti and Tororo on the one hand, and Kasese, Kitgum and Lugazi, on the other hand.

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