Museveni Swearing in Ignites Rage on Social media

With Yoweri Kaguta Miseveni slated to swear in as the president of the republic of Uganda on May 12, 2016, different people have come up to express their mixed feelings on the issue.


Uganda’s main opposition party Forum for Democratic change has maintained that President Museveni should not swear in since he never won the February 18, 2016 elections.

FDC has also called for an independent audit of the February 18 elections.

“In spite of all the aggression and rampage by the Police and Security agents, we have got sufficient, empirical and incontrovertible evidence that I won the 2016 elections with 52% of the vote.

That’s why we consider that an Independent Audit would help to resolve the glaring contradiction between what the EC declared as a final result and what we have,” Besigye stated recently.

On Tuesday a fortnight ago, Besigye argued that “Mr Museveni has no qualifications to be sworn in. It should be the task of Ugandans to stop him.”

“Our purpose is not to stop the swearing in but to establish who should be sworn in. That’s why we recommend an independent audit.”

Several Uganda’s have stormed social media to pour out what they feel ahead of President Museveni’s swearing in ceremony.

Here are some of the comments that we got from our Facebook page.

Kachope Apuuli ‘Today12th May 2016, I Gen YK M7 I swear to lead Uganda in the next five yrs and abide & protect the constitution of Uganda so that I can fulfill mi missions of steady progress to make Uganda move to greater heights; so help me God! Long live Uganda, long live my fellow country men & women!’

Nusaiba Lubowa We have to use all means including those that we are sure are corrupted by the govt like the courts of law… With simple logic… when yo relative is sick of an incurable disease u don’t stop giving him food, drinks or medicine just bcoz he must die but this medicine weakens the disease & so suing the leopard is one of the medicine to weaken it being Uganda’s disease & a factor that further shows the world that believes in court that majority Ugandans’ vote has never been freed. This step actually is part of defiance.
The struggle continues.

Kampala Youths As I know he has already sworn in from state house, on 12th May is just celebration and scaring Ugandans with jet fighters flyby

Mushabe Benjamin at this time in uganda i know and believe no one can stop da swearing in of mr. Museveni.

Isiko Jerome Paul mbu “the problem facing Africa are leaders who over stay in power”. by the time Museveni stated that in 1986, no African leader had been in a presidential seat for over 20 years.

AbdurAwali Savvy Muswerere The only peaceful way of liberating Uganda is the provision of time to Mzee, he cannot defeat it

Raymond Kusemererwa Abooki Kaguta is the president whether they like it or not!

Jack De Sonz Original u ar even too late,d guy z more than older.why doesnt d judicial system in tganda hear d citizens odeal of equality in constitutional rights.”d sun always rises 4rm d east @ 6 but never remains at d sky when it clocks 6pm in da evenng.ugandans should knw ‘what was creatd by jesus’s father wil neva dsappear’.its time up lets accept however sweet or bitter it z…..,ahh?

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