Museveni walks around New York, calls for peace

President Museveni on Saturday afternoon walked from the United Nations Building to Uganda House and later to the African Union Commission to Chair a meeting on peace and security.


Photos released by the Presidential Press Secretary Lindah Nabusayi show the president walking on one of New York streets.

However, she didn’t divulge into reasons why the president decided to walk.

During the African Union Peace and Security Council meeting, Museveni challenged African leaders to support countries dogged in conflicts.

“Fortunately, there is peace and quiet in the vast majority of African countries. Out of the 53 African countries that are members of the African Union, in the last few years, there has been civil wars and terrorism in about 10 of them,” Museveni said.

He added; “The other 43 have been peaceful. Nevertheless, it is important that even the 10 should be assisted to end violence and terrorism.”


Museveni said that the chief cause of violence in Africa is the “pseudo ─ ideology” of opportunistically, exploiting identity in the form of religious or tribal sectarianism, in order to gain or retain political power to the exclusion of the legitimate interests of the affected African people in the form of the production and exchange of the goods and services for their mutual prosperity.

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