Musisi Fires Monitoring And Inspection Department Of Kcca

The Executive Director of KCCA, Jennifer Musisi, has fired the monitoring and inspection unit of KCCA terminating contracts of six investigative officers.

The six; Jinjo Daniel, Mugerere Abdul Mosh, Byaruhanga Sadiq Nelson, Deo Jaaya, Nganda Stephen and Semanda David had their contracts terminated by Musisi after they were found to be participating in extorting money from culprits they have arrested promising them all sorts of services regarding their cases.

“After arresting these people they would embark on a ruthless exercise of asking money from them promising them that  they are going to work on their cases and if they don’t pay up they will rot in jail,” said a source at KCCA.

This arrest comes two weeks after the Deputy Director of Physical Planning, Katongole was arrested for corruption related cases in KCCA.

“I will not stand for any corruption in this institution. One of the reasons the old KCC had a bad image was because of corruption and this is a warning to all the staff whether you are a deputy director, director, officer, you will be shipped out fast out of the institution if you are found to be corrupt,”  Musisi added

In relation to the above, the Town Clerk of Rubaga, Mr James Luyimbazi is currently detained after he was arrested last week again for corruption. He was accused by a resident of Masanafu, Swaibu Matovu for asking for Shs 500,000 in order to approve his request for constructing a temporary structure in the area. Any request for a building permit comes from the Directorate of Physical Planning, however according to Matovu, when he approached the Town Clerk concerning erecting a temporary Structure he asked for Shs500,000 from him so that he can get his permission granted. The resident came to the head offices and complanied about the matter which led to a sting operation that netted the town clerk . He was arrested immediately after he had accepted the money.

Luyimbazi is currently at Central Police Station awaiting trial.


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  1. All people are corrupt even those blaming who are in power. So we need to change our ways all of us then Uganda will move a head. Those who ar opposing the Guvernment all making that noise, it’s because they also want to eat, and once they are given a chance, u will see.

  2. Jennipher dear wange, Indeed you can sort out Kampala and make it a better place for all of us.

    KCC was really rotten,

    We support you and be blessed.

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