On Wednesday afternoon, during normal parliamentary debates, 2 people attacked the parliament.

~I used to see rioters stopping near the gates with their pigs, but this time I am shocked that a person can come to parliament and stop them from discussing. So a shaming and at the same time a lesson on how bad we have gone as far as misusing our freedom of expression.

This has left me with unanswered questions in my head;

1 NTV Cameras

Many TVs have shown this incident which has shocked the nation.

What caught my attention is how perfectly the NTV Uganda camera guys were ready for the action. If you look at how the cameras were tilted to focus on the 2 guys, you may think that it’s a film, where there is coordination.

Why was the camera person so ready for the 1st guy’s action?

Why was the NTV camera person so eager to capture how the 2nd guy was getting up to join the second guy?

Were the NTV Clue briefed before? If yes, what does the law say about it?

If at all they are always many camera people on the team capturing all parts of the parliament, then it’s good for NTV Uganda that all along they had an individual who was only filming those 3 guys constantly.

2 Red top

It’s like forcing a horse to enter the eye of the needle for whoever wants to enter the parliament without being checked.

I am still wondering, how such an individual with a red top managed to pass through all the check points.

Could the Red top be smuggled by another person familiar to the parliament? Such as an Mp or other workers, and maybe they are not focused on much while putting on red top? Mostly those famous ones with red tops? Or those men in uniform whom I doubt are checked?

3 Papers

I have surely understood that the documents brought in parliament are not checked properly. How could they have managed to bring such kind of documents in the parliament?

Had someone checked those documents, it could have caused suspicion and maybe this disgusting thing wouldn’t have happened.

4 Sponsors

So who is behind all this? What’s the intention? Will the sponsors succeed? 5 What next

What would be done to such people disrespectful to such an extent?

If at all they were guided, what should be done to those people?

6 What is symbolizes

I see that our parliament has been familiarised to such an extent as a result of how it conducts itself sometimes.

If people on TV can see an Honorable member of parliament putting on red tops jumping on tables and breaking furniture, why couldn’t he also do the same after all in Uganda, we have freedom of expression?

The rate at which politically motivated undisciplined actions are increasing is high. Politics have brainwashed us and many people are obsessed with dirty politics.

7 Conclusion

We should have to respect our parliament by all means. It’s not a playground where people go to play. It’s not a jungle where there are no strict laws.

Seriously, such people should be taken to court and be punished according to the law. Otherwise, if the parliament of Uganda can be attacked at any time, then it’s absurd for Uganda.

Authored by a Ugandan patriot and Pan Afrikanist;

Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga.
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