Pallaso Sighted in South African Hospital

By Peter Ongom

Singer Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso has been sighted in a South African hospital.

Pallaso who yesterday made a distress call from a hide out at a school in Johannesburg, was reportedly attacked by machete wielding gangs in what could have been a xenophobic encounter.

The gangs attacked him and his driver, a one Kiwunya whose whereabouts are unknown.

The duo was attacked while they had parked on a roadside to take pictures.

Pallaso is reported to have traveled to South Africa on a video shooting for his new song.

Sources tell Red Pepper Online that following the distress call, Pallaso was rescued by South African Police early this morning.

Pallaso revealed in a self recoded video that the gangs inflicted deep wounds on his body but he managed to have overpowered them escape what could have been a fatal encounter!

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