Nakaseke Teachers Sleep in Classrooms

Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.


Several teachers in Nakaseke district have resorted to sleeping in classrooms because of the accommodation crisis in their schools. The affected teachers are found in Kyabiguru community primary school, Biduku, Kinoni, Kalongo, Kyabikamba, Buwana, Kyalusesa, Kaweweta primary schools among others. The schools are located in four remote sub counties of Ngoma, Wakyato, Kinoni and Kinyogogga.

Ignatius Koomu, the Nakaseke LC 5 chairperson says that the teachers decided to occupy classrooms because of of lack of staff quarters and apartments for rent in the neighboring trading centers. He explains that sleeping in the classrooms has compromised the lives of the teachers and contributed to poor sanitation the affected schools. Koomu says that the teachers sleep in the classrooms in the night and use them for lessons during day.
Steven Batanudde, the Nakaseke district Education Officer admits the plight of teachers saying that, they have petitioned the intervention of the education and sports ministry to address the accommodation problem. Batanudde says that they have also asked the ministry to include Kinoni, Kinyogogga, Wakyato and Ngoma sub counties among the hard to reach areas to allow the teachers get extra allowances.

He also says that some of the sub county registers over 40 percent of teacher resignations each year due to poor working condition. Some of the teachers who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity said they are fed up with the poor living and working conditions. The teachers said that they had applied for transfer to other districts with a better working environment and facilities. One of the teachers said that three teachers share, a single classroom each night. He said that classrooms are too dirty because pupils in the villages come to school barefooted. Steven Jojojo, a parent at Kinoni primary school and district councilor says in some areas parents have set up huts to accommodate the teachers but they are not fit for human occupation.

James Rwakasaija, a parent at Biduku primary school says that in some schools lessons start at 10:00am and end at 3pm because teachers stay in very distant places. According to Rwakasaija, this partly contributes to the high failure rates in the district as pupils don’t complete the syllabus. He appeals to the education to intervene and save the situation.

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  1. Such important issues have been long forgotten by our patriotic government and instead resorted to war mongers in Somalia, Congo, CAR e.t.c The MPs aim at being bought ipads, 4 wheel heavy duty cruisers costing over 100 million each, then they shout and fight to set up a Marriage and Divorce law. Ministers’ families are ever flying out for tours and costly vacations, then they claim that they have gone to attend meetings, seminars, workshops, real, at Miami beach, in Hawaii islands, on sunset beaches of South Africa! We are real patriotic. Crime has gone beyond control now, wait, no one is immune. All the problems building up in our societies will affect everybody’s family and children in one way or another. A country where religion is sickening, the law protects only the rich e.g. Mukula, Bassajabalaba, Agaba, Kananura, Kirumira e.t.c Do you think all Ugandans can allow to be fooled all their lives? The police is now working with criminals, soldiers are wantonly shooting each other, Bombo saga, security guards are killing their bosses, tear gas is taking a fortune of our taxes. Spend money on useful projects like building better schools which can house teachers. Improve the road network to boost trade even in villages this will create jobs. Retire old judges who release robbers and killers. sentence murderers, rapists,defilers, Butayimbwa squad for life. Shoot soldiers and police who use the gun and wantonly kill citizens like that fool of Bombo saga. Please, IGP and army chief of staff be more vigilant other wise our land will flow with 36 million rivers of blood due to crime, human sacrifice and torture. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY

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