Nambooze Undresses Mao, Reveals What he did to Cardinal Wamala

Nambooze Undresses Mao, Reveals What he did to Cardinal Wamala

He lied Cardinal & doesn’t respect anyone

The succession battles rocking the DP boat escalated last night when Vice President Betty Nambooze drove to Med Nsereko’s show in Mengo where she disclosed what she said were some of Norbert Mao’s dirtiest secrets.

Nambooze was out to fight back seeking to clean her name which DP President Norbert Mao’s right hand men-Mukasa Mbidde and little known MP Joseph Sewungu-had smeared the previous weekend. In their uninterrupted two hour appearance, the duo told millions of listeners that Nambooze was an envious woman with no moral authority to question Mbidde’s integrity because she was always a very poor miserable woman until Mao and Mbidde came into her life.

Mbidde claimed she had been very poor staying in a very miserable house in Mukono slums where he used to drive with Sebaana Kizito to check on her. Mbidde also recalled buying a 2nd hand computer for Nambooze when she was still a poor woman but never revealed what she needed it for.

“She is full of envy and hates me and others who are materially successful in DP,” Mbidde said as his assistant Sewungu cheered him on.

Abed Bwanika and Yusuf Nsibambi were on that show but didn’t say much arguing this was a DP matter on which they had little knowledge. Apparently Mbidde had been bitter Nambooze didn’t come out to openly associate with his bid for EALA. Nambooze became uncomfortable when Museveni invited Mbidde to an NRM public ceremony in Masindi where he praised him for being “a good DP.”

She called a meeting of her DP supporters in Mukono and declared herself the leader of the “bad DP.” Those who believe in her have since denounced Mao for tolerating the ever growing number of “good DPs” in the party. That Saturday as the Mbiddes spat fire, Nambooze was away in Buvuma welcoming her king Ronnie Mutebi. On Saturday the radio management felt it was prudent to give her chance to clear her name and she did exactly that.


Provoked by Kyaddondo South’s unknown MP called Ssajjalyabene who kept saying Mao and Mbidde were too big for Nambooze, the Mukono MP said she wouldn’t go personal. “If I’m to go personal I assure you I can undress Mao and his team but I won’t do so because that won’t make Mulago a better hospital or solve the governance problems facing us,” she said before accusing Ssajjalyabene of reducing himself to the errand boy  whom the bosses of the good DP team send to do dirty work.

This was Saturday and she revealed a plot to use one of the Industrial Area vernacular newspapers to dispute her paternity. She claimed leaders of the good DP faction had sent emissaries offering her father (Mzee Kayongo in Nkowe) Shs40m to agree to address a press conference denying being her father.

“I know all these things but please Ssajjalyabene don’t allow yourself to be used in these childish games by the good DP meant to disorganize us,” Nambooze said mentioning the media editors thickly involved in this plot having been materially facilitated.

Nambooze also confirmed Ssajjalyabene claim she became DP VP Buganda in Katomi in 2015 without being subjected to elections. “Yes that is true these guys were very desperate to have somebody credible in their executive. They had a credibility problem and they wanted somebody people believe in. I went to Katomi as a delegate from Mukono and I was leading my team. When they saw me they became very excited because everybody knew I was going with Lukwago [in TJ]. I hadn’t come for a position but they begged me to become VP which I refused and the conference delayed for hours because they were still lobbying me to accept their position,” Nambooze said claiming this offer was meant to isolate Lukwago’s TJ in Buganda.

“They run to Mulwanyamuli and PK Semogerere two elders they know I believe in very much. The two approached me and said please go in and give credible leadership to DP Buganda. That is how I came to accept because they knew people Nambooze can’t defy: those two and Kiwanuka Ltd [owner of Gaba beach].” Ssajjalyabene faulted Nambooze for using the position to undermine Mao and entire executive “because you for instance have never stepped at city hall or attended any meetings.”

Nambooze instead accused Mao of failing to call meetings because he fears to answer hard accountability questions including personalization of the party. “He was to call the national council meeting to make changes on party Constitution to give regional vice presidents more powers. He hasn’t called any. He is running the party from his home in Ntinda,” Nambooze said of Mao.

“When SG Matia Nsubuga died he [Mao] was to call a national council meeting instead he hand-picked Siranda to become new SG. This is something he had always wanted.”  She said Mao is such a traitor because right from Katomi 2015, he never wanted Nsubuga to become DP SG “and his choice was Siranda.”

She said: “Mao came up with a list of people he wanted to work with and Nsubuga wasn’t on that list. His SG choice was Siranda but we worked hard to defeat that. I led Nsubuga’s campaign and we defeated Mao’s candidate [Siranda]. For publicity secretary, his candidate was Sewungu and not Keneth Paul Kakande. How do you call that stubbing of colleagues in the back?” Admitting it was true she wants to become next DP President because she believes she can do a better job, Nambooze said “when it came to determining who becomes chief whip, Mao sat in his home in Ntinda and insisted it had to be Sewungu. We said okay what is in this thing? It’s a small post we said okay let him have it his way.”

Nambooze also agreed to Sajjalyabene’s claim that she doesn’t attend DP Caucus meetings in Parliament saying: “It’s for two reasons. I have been ill as you know but it’s also true the DP Constitution talks about the DP Parliamentary Group whose meetings Mao’s leadership has refused to convene.”

To her it’s the DP Parliamentary Group, comprising of all DP 2016 flag bearers, that matters and not Sewungu’s caucus. To demonstrate the extent to which “unreliable Mao doesn’t care about his integrity,” Nambooze said: “Towards the Mbale [2010] Conference the DPs were quarreling a lot in the media. Cardinal Wamala was concerned. He called us to his residence for a whole day myself, Erias Lukwago and Mao. He told us ‘my children I’m not a DP member but I’m interested in a stable party because that leads to stable country. I want you to work together. Why can’t you agree? We told him with Erias Lukwago that ‘sir the problem is this man [Mao] wants to go to Mbale and much as we support him we are saying let’s go for a conference which is properly organized. Papers were drafted and we signed an agreement witnessed by the Cardinal agreeing not to go to Mbale until a proper conference is organized. The Cardinal was happy we had agreed and I remember nuns at his residence cooking and serving us a very good meal.”

She added that: “I gave up on Mao seeing what he did to the Cardinal. The following day he ignored all we agreed and joined his colleagues for a news conference where they announced we are going to Mbale come what may. I said if this man can defy the Cardinal and ignore agreement reached before the man of God, then what morally is beyond him?”

She also cited two other incidences to prove her point that Museveni’s characterization of good DP meant nothing but members who betray their party and work to serve NRM interests.

“This very week they organized what they called the Kayira Memorial and guess what their guest of honor was Muruuli Mukasa a minister in Museveni’s government. We kept quiet and then on March 13th those good DP people have organized a big function in Bukomansimbi which is Ben Kiwanuka’s birth place. They are busy promoting and publicizing that function urging DP members to turn up massively to welcome Museveni. He will be guest of honor and Mao is special guest. What more evidence do we want to kick out these good DP people?”

The Bukomansimbi event Nambooze was quarreling about is spearheaded by Youth Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi to thank Museveni for making her a minister, something Nambooze maintains was endorsed by Mao. Bukomansimbi is one area in Greater Masaka where DP has at least two MPs (Deo Kiyingi & woman MP Nanyondo/Mbidde’s sister in law) and the LC5 chairman Mohammed Katerega is also an opposition man from Jeema party.

So the Namboozes in bad DP liken this to taking Museveni at DP’s cradle and hand over the party to him from there. Ironically Nakiwala who is the main organizer is arch enemies with Mbidde, another fellow good DP, because Nakiwala is planning to use Museveni’s visit to begin mobilization to become district woman MP in 2021.

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