Who Is Who In Mak-UYD Guild Primaries

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Who Is Who In Mak-UYD Guild Primaries

By Our Reporter

All is set for Makerere University’s popular party Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) MUK chapter, a political youth wing of Democratic Party (DP) as they undergo primary elections tomorrow-13th march, to choose a flag bearer in the forthcoming Makerere University guild elections.

The race has so far attracted three candidates, who will jostle it out on Monday to sell their manifesto amongst the delegates, with debate first and later elections in the evening.


Here we bring you, who is who in the race;


He is a young, intelligent, focused shrewd third year Law student, poised to edge his opponents, who have seemed to have already givenhim a go ahead. Actually according to sources, his opponents (William Karamagi and Mercy Lakisa),are said to have held a meeting last night, where they agreed to remain in the race ,for him not to look like he forced his way into a sole candidature.

The two had wanted to bow out for him but they agreed to just remain there for the sake of
democracy. G.K as he is popularly known at the university can be traced Ivan Bwowe’s days. He is the boy who influenced Bwowe’s win and now, no wonder that he has his backing this time as his political

With his oratory skills, having been a debating national champion, G.K is good at articulating issues, especially when it comes to the woes of a common Makerere student. His common argument to approaching Makerere issues is that, “where the logic of force fails, the force of logic applies,”

He says ,his leadership will be based on service delivery. He wants to champion the Makerere University
Marshal plan; (‘Makerere University Infrastructure Development Marshall Plan’ covering 11 projects which include; Teaching Hospital, Student Resource Centre, Student Hostels at the Main Campus and
Kabanyolo, Hotel and Convention Centre, Centre for Innovation and Technology Incubation, perimeter fence and Commercial Buildings, Transport Hub, Middle Income Apartments, Upper Market Apartments,
Centre for Gender and Development Studies and School of Law).

He says, he will ensure these plans’ progress is guaranteed such that the university won’t burden students with fees increments. He is also concerned with the fading image of the university over wrong reasons such; alteration of marks saga, delayed results, security, among others.

G.K went to, Kings College Buddo, Seeta High school, St.Mary’s Kitende and as well Uganda Martyrs Namugongo. He has served UYD and helped in strengthening the party’s Muk chapter since his first year
as Publicity and later Organizing Secretary.


She is a third year, Dental and surgery student and the only lady in the race. She has previously served as the vice chairperson UYD MUK chapter and currently in charge of social affairs. Her slogan is; “Your dreams, my fight”. She believes this is the time for Makerere to produce another female guild president, after current National Female MP Anna Adeke, who was the 4th female guild in the history of the university’s top student’s leadership position, with others being males.


He is a former Speaker in the party who has also announced intentions to run as guild president in the forthcoming university polls. He made this announcement last week at the party’s general assembly. He is quoted to be using a slogan which has confused many, stating that; “When you see a goat running towards fire, it is then that you realize that whatever is chasing it is hotter than fire”, whatever that means ,in relation to his candidature.

His political fathers are, former Speaker Jotham Burobuto and outgoing guild Roy Ssemboga. He will
however face the wrath of UYD delegates whom they accuse of messing up the party’s register by inserting in his own people. Others allege that whereas, he is in second year (Psychology), he should have been a finalist, but applied for a dead year with intentions to run for the guild presidency.


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