NBS Frontline Charles Odongtho’s resignation letter Leaks


Kampala – Barely a month since the departure of Raymond Mujuni to NTV Uganda, Charles Odongtho has also thrown it in a towel and left NBS Television, source reveal to RedPepper Digital

According to source at NBS Tv, the creator and host of Frontline, a political show at the Kololo-based television tendered in his resignation under unclear circumstances.

“Yes, he handed in his resignation this morning. Maybe NBSTV will make a statement today, maybe not,” said the source.

In a resignation penned-down by the soft-spoken and thorough show host, Odongtho expressed elements of sabotage that drove him out of Kin Karisa owned station.

“Unfortunately, however, over the last two years, a tendency you are fully aware of, internally began to develop leading to loss of trust and confidence in my contribution to the show,” a disappointed Odongtho states.

He added: “A lot of friction and tension developed recently. The work environment became toxic to my contributions.”

“In the circumstance, therefore, I have opted out with immediate effect, to step aside and free you and your more preferred team, to move on with the Frontline, minus any possible distractions from my contributions,” Odongtho swings the bat

Efforts by our reporter to reach Paul Lwanga, Head of Talent for the TV Station turned futile by press time.

Frontline a NBS TV’s premier talk show

According to Geopoll’s Q1, 2019 Media Measurement Report on Uganda’s most popular TV and Radio Programmes, the programme beat NTV’s On the Spot to the top spot as Uganda’s top political talk show. Frontline scored a rating of 3.1, narrowly beating On the Spot with 3.0.

Who is Charles Odongtho?

Odongtho joined NBSTV in 2015 when he was invited by the station’s CEO Kin Kariisa to do a Special Election analysis for the 2016 elections with Ronnie Mayanja who now lives in the US. After a good job, he was asked by Kariisa to stay around and create a political talk show that would rival NTV Uganda’s On the Spot.

According to insider sources, Odongtho came up with the concept- NBS only changed the name of the programme to Frontline.

“The whole idea of a debate show that was lacking in Uganda at the time, to the panel, to the mode of invitation, to the execution etc. were all Odongtho’s idea,” CEO Magazine quotes a deeply-placed source at NextMedia Services.

“Out of courtesy and respect, I have copied Hon. Mao and Mr Ofwono Opondo, in this email, because, just as I contacted them first at the beginning when I started the show, I also alert them of my departure as I exit the show,” Odongtho closes off.

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